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Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie picture

Question: Why did they let Professor Poopypants get away?

Answer: They never would have found him after CU slapped him far away. Plus Harold destroyed the shrink/grow machine so PP ended up permanently small, meaning someone could easily squish him if he tried anything evil again.

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Kong: Skull Island picture

Question: Maybe I blinked, or maybe they cut a scene. How did Kong get tangled up in chains while he was fighting the big one?

Answer: The chains are anchor chains from the ship wrecks that were there.

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Despicable Me 3 picture

Question: Between the first two films Gru had hundreds of minions but in this film he's barely got a handful left. What happened to the rest of them?


Answer: I'm going to assume you haven't watched the entire movie. There is a scene in the movie when all minions abandon Gru due to Gru not being willing to return to his prior lifestyle of being evil and committing crimes.


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Detroit picture

Question: In the movie Detroit all the police cars had blue lights. Wasn't 1967 a bit early for blue lights? I'm thinking seventies.

Answer: Color photos from the incident as well as car restorer enthusiasts have shown that they already had blue lights. The Michigan State Police however used red lights.

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Annabelle: Creation picture

Question: What is the background music playing when the kids first enter the Mullins house?

Answer: It's an original piece called 'A New Home' by Benjamin Wallfisch.

Ssiscool Premium member

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Baby Driver picture

Question: During the heist at the post office, Baby shakes his head at a woman who in turn grabs a cop. When the lady was walking up, she smiled and waved like she knew him. However at the end during her testimony, it seems like she didn't know him after all. If that's the case, why did she smile and wave at him? Did I miss something?


Answer: The woman works at the Post Office and was the one who served Baby and Sam the day before. He's shaking his head at her because he doesn't want her to go in the building and get hurt/ killed in the heist that's happening at that time. She doesn't know him in a personal way like Joseph or Debora.

Heather Benton Premium member

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War for the Planet of the Apes picture

Question: Did Caesar intentionally mean to kill winter the gorilla, or was he just trying to keep him silent from alerting the alpha omega soldiers?


Answer: He was trying to keep him quiet. He was likely more aggressive about it than he would have been, had his family not been murdered.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 picture

Question: Given there's only a few months between this movie and the previous one, that means it's set around 2014 vs. Infinity War being set in 2018, as best anyone can figure. Is there any official word on what the Guardians are up to in the intervening 4 years?

Jon Sandys Premium member

Chosen answer: Short answer: Probably nothing much good. In all that time Quinn still felt like a reaver, and Rocket doesn't deny he likes crime. Only Gamora keeps them at bay from doing anything really nasty. In the mean time they try to do good things, protect planets, hunt pirates, stuff like that. It's a crazy bunch of individuals.


Answer: They're mercenaries, like we see with the Sovereign. They do good things for money. We see this with the Sovereign, and Quill's comments make this seem like this is normal. Later, Rocket makes a comment about raising their prices. In Infinity War, they only respond to the Asgardian distress call because they expect to be paid.

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Justice League picture

Question: If they know the mother boxes are dangerous why not destroy them? Surely they'd have figured out some way before Steppenwolf came back.


Answer: "Surely they'd figure it out" is hardly a suitable solution. If they knew how to destroy them, they would have. They did the next best thing by hiding them in different places.

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Power Rangers picture

Question: How does Rita get that green outfit and how is she bullet proof?


Answer: Rita was originally a part of Zordon's power rangers, and she was the green ranger of the team, so she would still have it. Rita may have magical abilities that would explain how she was unable to be harmed from bullets. Either that or her suit is bullet proof.

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Alien: Covenant picture

Question: When we see the eggs for the first time did they come from an actual Queen, or did David use Shaw's reproduction system to create them?

Darth Crucible

Chosen answer: If there had been a Queen, David would not have just left it there on the planet, he would have taken a Royal Facehugger embryo with him on Covenant. So the latter is most likely correct.

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Okja picture

Question: In the end credit scene, K gives a cigarette to Jay, who has just gotten out of prison. Jay takes it, but instead of smoking it, he stubs it on the bottom of his own shoe and gives it back to K. Why is he doing so?

Bunch Son

Chosen answer: It's a way of showing Jay is not a smoker and doesn't approve of smoking. He most likely sees it as something that is bad for people's health, so he stubs it out on his shoe to get rid of it and so that K cannot keep smoking it.

Casual Person

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Fast & Furious 8 picture

Question: Is it safe to say that the Shaw brothers were good guys before Cipher got involved? Is it also safe to say that Deckard was a good guy too until he needed to get revenge on Dom and the team?

Answer: Well, we know that Owen Shaw was once an SAS soldier. Deckard Shaw has a file in this movie that reveals he saved a team he was part of and saved some hostages in the past. When Deckard Shaw refused to do the job Cypher wanted him to do in Furious 6 to steal the nightshade device, Cypher then went after Owen Shaw and convinced him to do the job. Cypher is the true mastermind behind everything that has happened in Furious 6, 7 and 8. So, maybe the Shaw brothers were good guys at a time before Cypher came along.

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul picture

Question: Why didn't Greg simply apologize to Mr. Beardo and explain everything to him?

Answer: "Beardo" looked intimidating and could easily frighten a child (or adult, for that matter). He also became enraged in front of children over scratches on his van - something minor that might bother an adult, but certainly not serious enough to produce Beardo's over-reaction. Greg did deny that he caused the damage. However, Beardo did not come across as being a rational adult or someone who a 12-year-old would feel comfortable standing up to or simply trying to reason with. Greg saw Beardo as a "difficult" and irrational person, so rightfully wanted to get away from him as soon as possible.


Answer: Mainly because when they first actually meet, the Beardo's daughter blames everything on Greg, so even if Greg did try to explain everything, the Beardo probably wouldn't believe him.

Answer: There's probably a combination of factors why Greg kept things to himself. Teenagers don't tell parents a lot of things for whatever reasons (e.g, not worth the hassle). Maybe Greg thought his parents wouldn't believe his side of the story and assume he was the instigator. Perhaps Greg's parents gave the boys a stern warning to behave themselves while on vacation - that they need/ want rest and relaxation or care-free days without trouble, especially from the boys (trying to avoid the "can't you even behave yourselves on vacation" lecture). Believing "ignorance is bliss", Greg figured what his parents didn't know couldn't hurt them. Telling his parents may not have been helpful or relevant; Beardo was acting like a lunatic or psycho on each encounter. It might have been difficult, if not impossible, to tell his parents without Rodrick overhearing. Some of the things Greg did (getting into bed with Beardo) were embarrassing; if Rodrick knew, they'd become the brunt of his teasing.


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Logan picture

Question: This question and answer may contain spoilers. The film made it seem like once the mutant children cross the Canadian border, they would be safe. Dr. Rice (I believe it was him) even says they (the Reavers) need to hurry or they'll lose the children if they cross. My question is why? Did I miss something? Who was suppose to meet the children in Canada? Or is Dr. Rice saying they can't follow the children into Canada, and if so, why not? Alkali Lake was in Canada and it doesn't seem they have any regards for laws and borders. And surely if the children were that valuable, or the need to destroy them so important, why would Dr. Rice not send his army of Reavers to battle whoever was helping the children?


Chosen answer: It is subtly shown that Rice has a deal with the US government to conduct his business without conflict, something he won't have in Canada. There is also a strong theory that the people helping the children is Department H. The Canadian organization that started the super team, Alpha Flight.


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Papillon picture

Question: How did Papillon, Diega and Marturette manage to sail to Colombia after their second escape attempt? Colombia is on the opposite side of South America from French Guiana/Devil's Island. It seems like they would have ended up in Suriname, Guyana, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, CuraƧao or Aruba long before ending up in Colombia. I'm sure the book sheds light on this, but the movie completely glosses over it.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: I discovered the answer to this by reading the book's plot synopsis on Wikipedia. The inmates actually sailed to Trinidad and then picked up three other inmates. They set sail again and were captured near the Colombian coastline when the wind died down. It would appear that in the interest of saving time, the movie chose to just have them appear in Colombia.

Phaneron Premium member

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Thor: Ragnarok picture

Question: If, as Odin says, Mjolnir was never the source of Thor's power, then how come that "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor"?


Answer: If other people are worthy, they can gain the power of Thor (this is something that has happened in the comics), but Thor can muster that power alone. In his case, the hammer simply allows him to focus his powers.

How come then that in the first movie when Odin wants to remove Thor's power he "confiscates" Mjolnir? If Thor's power is intrinsically inside him, how could Odin remove it? Then, he reacquire those powers only after holding Mjolnir again, which implies Thor's powers come from Mjolnir. This is poorly explained in the movies.


"Poorly explained" doesn't make it a mistake. Odin suppressed Thor's innate powers and removed the hammer both symbolically and to prevent Thor from using it to reacquire his powers.

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The Shape of Water picture

Question: Isn't this film blatantly derivative of Guillermo del Toro's earlier films, "HellBoy" and "HellBoy: The Golden Army"? It seems to me that the Asset in "The Shape of Water" is a direct knock-off Abe Sapien from the Hellboy films. The amphibious Asset is held at a top secret facility, as was Abe Sapien; the Asset is fed hard-boiled eggs, as was Abe Sapien; the Asset develops a love interest and romantic relationship with a female air-breather, as did Abe Sapien. To top it off, del Toro called in contortionist-actor Doug Jones to play the Asset in "The Shape of Water" (Doug Jones also played Abe Sapien in the HellBoy films). "Shape of Water" could almost be a spin-off the old HellBoy films, given Guillermo del Toro's involvement and recycling of familiar themes.

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: There are a lot of Hellboy fans who speculate this is an origin story of Abe, or at the very least the Asset is the same species, but del Torro has denied it. Abe is a copyrighted character that del Torro's Hellboy was based on, and he doesn't own the copyright. In addition, prior to The Shape of Water, del Torro was in talks with Universal about remaking "The Creature from the Black Lagoon", only making the movie center on the creature's (Gill-Man) perspective and getting together with Kay (the female lead). Del Torro has stated that the Amphibious Man is based on Gill-Man and this film is what he had pitched to Universal, but was turned down by them. Although, a creature developing a love interest in a human female isn't unique, nor is capturing a creature to study (both happen to Gill-Man, Abe, and Amphibious Man). But the fact that Doug Jones plays both Abe and the Amphibious Man only seems to strengthen theories of some connection to Hellboy, but at this point we only have del Torro's word that it's not and why he choose the creature to be so similar at this point would only be a guess.


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Answer: Chucky states that he found a new voodoo spell in the film that allows him to control multiple hosts at once. It's almost like a copy/paste of his spirit. Andy still has the original Chucky, whereas the rest are duplicates.

Answer: Originally, the serial killer Charles Lee Ray used a voodoo spell to transfer his soul into a "Good Guy" doll in a toy shop, thereby becoming "Chucky" the homicidal doll. Later he acquired a voodoo spell that allowed Chucky to transfer souls multiple times (of course, his ultimate goal has always been to transfer his soul back into a living human body).

Charles Austin Miller

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The House picture

Question: Is there any indication how much of this film was unscripted or how much Amy and Will improvised their lines. I can't tell if it's just the acting style the actors chose, or if it was the way the director wanted it, but a lot (especially the opening scenes) comes across as bad improv. Or am I the only one that gets that vibe?


Answer: A lot of the time with modern comedies, they'll usually do a scene as written, then do a number of improv takes where the actors and director come up with jokes on the fly. Then in editing, they'll pick the (presumably) best bits from both the scripted and improv takes to put into the finished film. And Will Ferrell confirmed that there was indeed a lot of improvising on-set of "The House." Unfortunately, without a copy of the shooting script, it's basically impossible to tell exactly how much of the finished film is made up of the unscripted improv. But it's fair to say that at least a decent chunk of the movie was made up of improv comedy. So chances are it's not just you.


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