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The Twin picture

Plot hole: Derek, who escaped the mental hospital by pretending to be his twin brother Tyler, was able to locate Tyler's vehicle by using the keys to beep its horn. Once inside the SUV, he apparently found Tyler's cell phone, which is odd because most people carry their cell phones with them. But Derek did not ask Tyler for his cell phone's password before rendering him unconscious - so how did he gain access to the cell phone without the password? (It isn't likely that Tyler previously gave it to him). (00:20:40)


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Suggested correction: Tyler never left his cell phone in the car. He had with him when visiting Derek. We see him pull out his cell phone to show Derek a picture, so the phone was already unlocked, assuming he locks it with a password in the first place.


I haven't had time to finish posting the rest of the mistakes I have, but I just uploaded two that should show up under "pending submissions." They probably should have been posted before the one above. I suppose the real question is where the cell phone came from each time.


The cell phones came from their pockets. None of my pants show an outline of my phone in my pocket.


He was checking for weapons, not phones.


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Security picture

Plot hole: Once Ben Kingsley has decided that the assault on the mall will happen, the good guys are given an insane amount of time to talk to the kid and calm her, have a nice conversation about what is happening, hole her up in a safe position, observe the vanguard of the baddies scout the parking lot and just then do all sort of A-Team style preparations, barricading the front door and booby-trapping the entrance. The villain is in a rush, knows the layout of the mall and does not fear the unarmed mall cops; there's no way they had time to do all that. Especially since his plan consists exactly of the brute force assault ("driving through" the front doors) that a little earlier Eddie mentioned, contradicting the stated purpose of not drawing attention from passing patrols.

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Beauty and the Beast picture

Plot hole: The wolves seem to conveniently make an appearance to further the story, only to disappear in other parts. They are there for Belle's dad at the beginning and Belle when she tries to escape the castle initially. When Belle's dad leaves the castle after Belle takes his place and when Belle is freed to save her dad, they are not there.


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Christmas Inheritance picture

Plot hole: Snow Falls is a minuscule town with no cell phone signal, one cab, a couple buses going in and out all day. A huge snowstorm has been announced, to the point that the Sheriff had to round people up and bring them to the shelters and Jake is housing real refugees from the storm. Later the same night, Jake and Ellie go for a walk in town, which has activity, all stores open, other people taking a nice stroll in the nice foamy fake snow. There shouldn't be a soul in that kind of small town in the middle of the night regardless, but after a storm even? (00:56:10)

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The Book of Henry picture

Plot hole: Neither Henry's nor his mother's (Susan) calls to the Saratoga County Help Line #1-518-555-0121 were successful in protecting Christina. The last woman Susan talked to said, "We [CPS] are required to follow standard operating procedures" and Susan could file an appeal. "The best interests of the child" is supposed to be paramount, so it is unlikely CPS would say such a thing. And not one "professional" Henry or Susan contacted mentioned the NATIONAL Child Abuse Hotline #1-800-422-4452. (01:02:38)


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Victor Crowley picture

Plot hole: There's no way that plane could have crashed and stayed intact like it did.

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Freedom Fighters: The Ray picture

Plot hole: When The Ray is injured on Earth X and has Red Tornado's cortex, he escapes by Vibe sending him into a portal to safety. However it is evident that Vibe doesn't know where he sent The Ray or where he would be going as later he's trying hard, searching the multiverse for him. Yet somehow The Ray is able to go across universes and winds up coming out right at Earth 1's Ray's feet to transfer his powers over to Ray and give him the Cortex. This makes no sense. The Ray can't control Vibe's powers or where he sends him, so he would have had no way of making himself exit the portal in Ray's back yard. And if Vibe sent him there on purpose, he wouldn't have been struggling to figure out where he went. The only way it makes sense at all is for it to be the most massive co-incidence possibly imaginable where he accidentally was sent to another universe and happen to come out right at the feet of that universe' version of himself. None of it adds up. (00:09:50 - 00:16:50)

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Underworld: Blood Wars picture

Plot hole: This movie introduces, rather casually, nightshade as a vampire vulnerability. It works practically as in the videogame Skyrim, so whoever wrote it in the script most definitely played it. The problem of course is that a toxin that can murder most vampires and indefinitely paralyze the strongest elders, is a world-breaking concept that would have ended the war hundreds of years earlier, and instead is never used before or since the small scene it's instrumental to. Foreign translations which identify the nightshade with the more specific Belladonna plant (one of the most commonly used herbs since the ancient times) further aggravate the problem.

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