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Ferdinand picture

Plot hole: How does the little girl Nina know Ferdinand's name if only the animals can communicate with each other?

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Kong: Skull Island picture

Plot hole: The idea that Marlow would simply take a taxi to his wife's address after being missing in action for thirty odd years is stupid beyond belief. He was on a ship sailing from the central Pacific for days and those ships have radios! The US military would have known he was coming. Someone, somewhere would have notified the authorities that a US serviceman long thought dead was actually alive and on his way home and his wife and son would have been there on the docks to greet him, not standing slack-jawed in the kitchen dropping trays of drinks on the floor when he turned up! What would have happened if she had remarried? Or moved house? Or she was dead? Don't tell me the US military didn't know he was coming - he is wearing a brand new uniform, clean and pressed.

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Suggested correction: The implication is that Marlow went through an extensive debrief and nobody had contacted his family until the debrief had concluded, based on the top secret nature of the mission. As you say, the fact he has a brand new uniform suggests that he has contacted the US Military prior to ever contacting his family. The fact that his wife would have moved and re-married is irrelevant, he still would have made an attempt to contact her so he could see his son.

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Jigsaw picture

Plot hole: Spoilers. It's revealed that the barn game takes place at an old farmhouse owned by the family of Jill Tuck - Jigsaw's widow. It's public knowledge that she was married to Jigsaw and that buildings they owned served as the headquarters of several past traps, so the barn should have been investigated at some point in the meantime. Ten years have passed. It makes no sense that the barn was never investigated and that the bodies of the barn victims were never discovered.

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Suggested correction: The game was unknown to police even 10 years after John died. Now they've found all his other games and his multiple lairs. There would be no need to continue the search.

Ssiscool Premium member
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Fast & Furious 8 picture

Plot hole: The nuclear codes are stolen and the Russian guy holding them was let go by Dom. He would contact his government to let them know and the codes changed. Cypher would also know this so her plan is flawed.

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Despicable Me 3 picture

Plot hole: Bratt's bubble gum is strong enough to withstand projectiles like bullets, lasers, and even strong enough to carry a tanker into the sky but can't withstand Gru's body weight when he crashes into it before "happy birthday Dan".

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The Hitman's Bodyguard picture

Plot hole: In the end Kincaid had to provide evidence against Dukhovich in court to uphold his end of the legally binding agreement from the beginning of the movie. Kincaid directs the courts to a secure website and provides a password to access the site which provides all the evidence needed. Kincaid could've provide that information via phone call or teleconference and never left his jail cell, negating all the unnecessary risk to law enforcement officials and himself.

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The Mummy picture

Plot hole: The Mummy would not know where to crash the plane in England to retrieve the dagger from the Abbey as this was placed there thousands of years after her imprisonment. If she did know it was there using her powers she would know that the stone was missing, but she didn't.

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The Lego Batman Movie picture

Plot hole: The film makes many references to the previous films and TV series as evidence of Batman's desire to be alone, but in the TV show and two of the films Robin has been established as his sidekick already.

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Jeepers Creepers III picture

Plot hole: Buddy is seen at the end of the movie going on the bus that will be featured in Jeepers Creepers 2. When the students and staff encounter the Creeper why didn't he inform anyone that he had encountered the Creeper earlier? The only person that seemed to know anything was one of the girls having a premonition.

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Suggested correction: Buddy is getting on the bus to go to the basketball game. When the second films begins, the kids on the bus are celebrating their victory. Presumable Buddy just stayed in the other town for the night or got another ride home.

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Underworld: Blood Wars picture

Plot hole: This movie introduces, rather casually, nightshade as a vampire vulnerability. It works practically as in the videogame Skyrim, so whoever wrote it in the script most definitely played it. The problem of course is that a toxin that can murder most vampires and indefinitely paralyze the strongest elders, is a world-breaking concept that would have ended the war hundreds of years earlier, and instead is never used before or since the small scene it's instrumental to. Foreign translations which identify the nightshade with the more specific Belladonna plant (one of the most commonly used herbs since the ancient times) further aggravate the problem.

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Beauty and the Beast picture

Plot hole: The wolves seem to conveniently make an appearance to further the story, only to disappear in other parts. They are there for Belle's dad at the beginning and Belle when she tries to escape the castle initially. When Belle's dad leaves the castle after Belle takes his place and when Belle is freed to save her dad, they are not there.

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Victor Crowley picture

Plot hole: There's no way that plane could have crashed and stayed intact like it did.

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Freedom Fighters: The Ray picture

Plot hole: When The Ray is injured on Earth X and has Red Tornado's cortex, he escapes by Vibe sending him into a portal to safety. However it is evident that Vibe doesn't know where he sent The Ray or where he would be going as later he's trying hard, searching the multiverse for him. Yet somehow The Ray is able to go across universes and winds up coming out right at Earth 1's Ray's feet to transfer his powers over to Ray and give him the Cortex. This makes no sense. The Ray can't control Vibe's powers or where he sends him, so he would have had no way of making himself exit the portal in Ray's back yard. And if Vibe sent him there on purpose, he wouldn't have been struggling to figure out where he went. The only way it makes sense at all is for it to be the most massive co-incidence possibly imaginable where he accidentally was sent to another universe and happen to come out right at the feet of that universe' version of himself. None of it adds up. (00:09:50 - 00:16:50)

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Security picture

Plot hole: Once Ben Kingsley has decided that the assault on the mall will happen, the good guys are given an insane amount of time to talk to the kid and calm her, have a nice conversation about what is happening, hole her up in a safe position, observe the vanguard of the baddies scout the parking lot and just then do all sort of A-Team style preparations, barricading the front door and booby-trapping the entrance. The villain is in a rush, knows the layout of the mall and does not fear the unarmed mall cops; there's no way they had time to do all that. Especially since his plan consists exactly of the brute force assault ("driving through" the front doors) that a little earlier Eddie mentioned, contradicting the stated purpose of not drawing attention from passing patrols.

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