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It (2017)

It picture

Continuity mistake: When Eddie falls through the floorboards, you can see his arm looks perfectly fine and is unbroken in a few quick shots. After the movie cuts back to him a few moments later, suddenly his arm is badly broken. (01:20:30 - 01:23:25)

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Jigsaw picture

Plot hole: Spoilers. It's revealed that the barn game takes place at an old farmhouse owned by the family of Jill Tuck - Jigsaw's widow. It's public knowledge that she was married to Jigsaw and that buildings they owned served as the headquarters of several past traps, so the barn should have been investigated at some point in the meantime. Ten years have passed. It makes no sense that the barn was never investigated and that the bodies of the barn victims were never discovered.

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Suggested correction: The game was unknown to police even 10 years after John died. Now they've found all his other games and his multiple lairs. There would be no need to continue the search.

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Cult of Chucky picture

Revealing mistake: When Chucky's disembodied head tries to bite Andy in the beginning, watch closely. When the plaque he's mounted too leans forward suddenly as Chucky snaps at Andy, you can see a rod underneath of it, which was used to make it move and lean forward by the puppeteers.

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Life picture

Factual error: After Dr. Derry's hand is crushed by Calvin, it dangles and flops every time it is seen so that the audience can see that the bones are severely broken. However, in zero-g, the hand would float rather than swing limply.

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Get Out picture

Other mistake: When they hit the deer, the passenger side mirror and lower quarter panel was damaged, when the deer not only came from the other direction, but also seemed to be in the air when it got hit.

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Happy Death Day picture

Continuity mistake: On the third and fourth day, Carter's roommate shows up earlier than the first 2 days. And Tree's suspect tips notebook every day don't reset and the line and erases are the same.

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Annabelle: Creation picture

Factual error: Sister Charlotte listens to Janice's confession. Only a priest is allowed by the church to hear confessions.

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Underworld: Blood Wars pictureUnderworld: Blood Wars mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Selene normally wears high heel boots. They briefly turn into flats during her caged fight with Varga, right before he betrays her. (00:26:40)

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Rings picture

Factual error: The interior of the 747 is too narrow.

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Jeepers Creepers III picture

Other mistake: The police sergeant has chevrons on his sleeves, but major devices on his collar.

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Wish Upon picture

Continuity mistake: Clare's pants split at her knee because she falls off her bike and she gets injured. When she returns home later to see her father, the pants have been fixed and there is no hole.

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The Snowman picture

Other mistake: When Harry Hole gets a call but isn't there to answer, Katrine Bratt picks up the phone and takes a message. Rebecca from Telenor Security tell her they picked up a cellphone signal from a missing person. She tells her the coordinates as Parkway 1, 0139 Oslo. On Katrine Bratt's computer you see the coordinates as Parkway 1, 0350 Oslo. (01:13:15)

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Revenge picture

Continuity mistake: Just after Richard pushes Jen off the cliff, Richard, Stan and Dimitri are shown looking over the edge all standing side by side. The camera changes angles and Richard and Stan are suddenly further apart by a couple of feet. (00:27:40)

Casual Person
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The Recall picture

Factual error: When the astronaut is being questioned by a 3-star general, he keeps referring to the officer as "colonel", in fact the closed captioning does the same.

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Amityville: The Awakening picture

Character mistake: In the highlighted newspaper article entitled 'DeFeo Son Accused' about the killings, the first sentence of the article ends with two periods. Also, in the 3rd sentence, the word 'psychiatric' is spelled "psuchiatric" with a 'u' instead of a 'y'. (00:01:05)

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The Vault picture

Factual error: When the bank robbers pull the money out of the vault, they claim all the cash is from 1982. Yet most of the bills have large faces, which was introduced into rotation in 1996.

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The Ritual picture

Continuity mistake: After Hutch is buried, Dominic leaves to catch up to the other two, limping with his right knee held rigid. An aerial shot is then taken showing Dom limping on his left leg instead.

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Victor Crowley picture

Plot hole: There's no way that plane could have crashed and stayed intact like it did.

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Mom and Dad picture

Continuity mistake: When Nicholas Cage and his kid are enjoying a flashback, the ice lolly keeps shrinking and growing throughout the conversation. (01:14:00 - 01:15:00)

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Six Hot Chicks in a Warehouse picture

New this month Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie, Cass is blackmailing Mira about the true nature of her little trip. She calls Liam up; during the scene, she is holding the hanger in a different way between shots (left hand on the hook, or under it). (00:04:00)

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