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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri picture

Factual error: Missouri has no hills or mountains like those shown in this film; the closest would be the Ozarks in the southern part of the state, which are more rounded.

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Security pictureSecurity mistake picture

Factual error: Throughout the whole movie, whenever federal agents (or people posing as such...) tasked with the case are shown, they wear uniforms with "U.S.A. Marshals" written in big yellow letters. Of course the one and only correct spelling would be "U.S. Marshal"

Sammo Premium member
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The Recall picture

Factual error: When the astronaut is being questioned by a 3-star general, he keeps referring to the officer as "colonel", in fact the closed captioning does the same.

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Annabelle: Creation picture

Factual error: Sister Charlotte listens to Janice's confession. Only a priest is allowed by the church to hear confessions.

Ssiscool Premium member
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The Disaster Artist picture

Factual error: The movie's set in the late 90s, but a 2015 Lexus and Audi are visible behind a girl when they first arrive in LA. (01:23:00)

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Molly's Game picture

Factual error: The mogul run where Molly has her accident is described as a 52 degree slope, when it should actually be a 52 percent slope (23.4°).

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The Greatest Showman picture

Factual error: When they go to visit the Queen, the Union flag is being flown above Buckingham Palace. The Union flag is only flown when the Queen is not in residence. As the Queen is in residence, the 'Royal Standard' flag should be flown. And anyway, the Union flag has only been flown at the palace since the death of Princess Diana in 1997. (00:43:00)

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The Death of Stalin picture

Factual error: Beria was not executed until ten days after the funeral, not on the day.

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Lady Bird picture

Factual error: In the curbside airport drop-off scene, the United Airlines logo shown is the one adopted after the merger with Continental Airlines in 2010, but the movie is set in 2003. Also the font for "United" is incorrect for either version of the logo. (01:19:15)

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Cars 3 picture

Factual error: In the end credits, some of the vintage advertisements have 770 area code phone numbers, which while valid for Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas now, it didn't exist until 1995 when it was assigned. The numbers should have had either a 404 or 912 area code since those 2 area codes covered all of Georgia until 1992 when area code 706 was implemented.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 picture

Factual error: At the very beginning of the film it says that it's 1980 Missouri with a nuclear power plant in the background. The plant in the film has 4 cooling towers, but the only nuclear plant in Missouri (Callaway Nuclear Generating Station) has only one cooling tower and it didn't begin operation until 1984.

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Stem picture

Factual error: No matter how sophisticated the STEM chip is, it would not enable Grey (Logan Marshall-Green) to go from a completely horizontal position to a completely vertical position in one fluid motion, without bending his knees, and he does this several times in the film.

wizard_of_gore Premium member
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Detroit picture

Factual error: Since the movie was set in the 60s, David Senak couldn't have gotten in trouble for shooting the man running away. In the 60s, the police could legally shoot any criminal running away. This didn't change until Tennessee v. Garner in 1985.

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Wind River picture

Factual error: Ben states that the temperature is -6'F. When the officers drive to Matt's camp the gravel road is quite slushy. This would not happen in freezing temperatures. (01:03:10)

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Factual error: Emmanuelle Devos goes to the airport to get her husband and daughter. Their plane landed at 7 PM (18:58 to be precise) as shown by the airport monitor. They get a cab to a hotel downtown, and then there's a scene when she books a restaurant from the hotel room. She tells her husband, who just took a shower, that they need to be at the restaurant at 8 PM. Her husband says that there's no rush then, since it's only 7 PM. Of course that's impossible, the Turin airport is about 20km away from the part of the city they are driving through, which at that hour has also significant traffic; if their plane landed at 7, at 8 PM they would hardly have any time left to spare. (00:29:00)

Sammo Premium member
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I, Tonya picture

Factual error: When Tonya is walking through the kitchen at her job at Spud City, she complains that someone took her smokes and walks by an appliance to her left. The design style of the appliance did not exist in the early 1990s.

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Chappaquiddick picture

Factual error: The accident takes place the night of July 18, 1969, and they show there being a full moon. That night the moon was actually waxing crescent with only 14% visible, and set at 10:27pm while the accident happened about 12:45am, so there was no moon in the sky anyway.

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Larceny picture

Factual error: The man cutting through the door is pictured holding a torch, but that type of torch is not a cutting torch. You also see a showering of sparks as though a grinder is being used. (00:42:00 - 00:43:00)

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Suburbicon picture

Factual error: The police Lieutenant Hightower is wearing the rank of Captain.

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Revolt picture

Factual error: At the end, when the EMP explodes, the aliens are affected by the EMP but lights on the building and street lamps are still on. (01:19:35 - 01:20:15)

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