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American Made picture

Factual error: Barry Seal is taken with the guys of the drug-kartel in a yellow helicopter. There is an internet address on the side of the helicopter, half covered by the door, entirely inappropriate for the timeframe of the early 80's. (00:17:20)

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The Hitman's Bodyguard picture

Factual error: Dutch police cars don't look like they do in the movie, with their blue and white checkerboard pattern. They had blue and orange diagonal stripes on the side. In this movie, they look much closer to what British police cars look like.


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Kingsman: The Golden Circle picture

Factual error: The action takes place around the second half of June (either side of the Glastonbury festival weekend). At the beginning of the film leaving work early evening in time to get home for dinner, in the UK, it wouldn't be dark. Later on, there isn't that much snow in the Alps, especially below the tree line, at that time of year.


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Paddington 2 picture

Factual error: After breaking out of prison, Paddington contacts the Browns using his 50p coin to make the phone call. It is actually 60p to make a public phone box call in the UK.

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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle picture

Factual error: In the 1996 sequence the kid is playing a PlayStation with DualShock controllers, those controllers weren't released until 1997.


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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales picture

Factual error: Jack Sparrow says he loves the French because "they invented mayonnaise." The film is set in the 1750s. The egg-based sauce known as mayonnaise was developed in the early 1800s. The Oxford English Dictionary says the word dates from 1815.

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Ferdinand picture

Factual error: While Ferdinand and the bulls are running free in Madrid they pass by the Puerta de Alcalá monument with a set of three columns and a door in the middle. The drawing is actually missing two huge blocks with 2 doors on each side.

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Daddy's Home 2 picture

Factual error: The tubing scene was filmed at Nashoba Valley in Westford, MA. The scene looking down from the top of the tubing run has a banner with the name of the ski area and the "mountains" in the background scene are photoshopped in.

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War Machine picture

Factual error: Before and during the Marines' arrival in Marjah, some of them are wearing Dust Goggles. These would've been first issued in World War II and continued into the early 2000s. The Battle for Marjah took place in 2010, by which point these goggles had been replaced by superior models such as ESS for some time.


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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri picture

Factual error: Missouri has no hills or mountains like those shown in this film; the closest would be the Ozarks in the southern part of the state, which are more rounded.


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The Disaster Artist picture

Factual error: The movie's set in the late 90s, but a 2015 Lexus and Audi are visible behind a girl when they first arrive in LA. (01:23:00)

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CHIPS picture

Factual error: In the Miami car chase scene near the beginning of the film, the getaway car has Florida license plates on both the front and rear bumpers. In Florida, cars only have rear license plates.


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A Dog's Purpose picture

Factual error: Towards the end where Dennis Quaid makes his appearance, the location is Michigan. But all of the cars have Michigan plates on the back and front. Michigan doesn't require or even allow license plates on the front, only the back.

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Lady Bird picture

Factual error: In the curbside airport drop-off scene, the United Airlines logo shown is the one adopted after the merger with Continental Airlines in 2010, but the movie is set in 2003. Also the font for "United" is incorrect for either version of the logo. (01:19:15)

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Cars 3 picture

Factual error: In the end credits, some of the vintage advertisements have 770 area code phone numbers, which while valid for Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas now, it didn't exist until 1995 when it was assigned. The numbers should have had either a 404 or 912 area code since those 2 area codes covered all of Georgia until 1992 when area code 706 was implemented.


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The Death of Stalin picture

Factual error: Beria was not executed until ten days after the funeral, not on the day.

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The Man Who Invented Christmas picture

Factual error: In the beginning of the movie, during Dickens' visit to America, you can hear them playing the melody from the song "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy" written by George M. Cohan in 1904. This was 61 years after the events in the movie. In the ending credits they cite this as "Yankee Doodle Dandy" which was written many years before. But, that was not the melody that was being played.

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Going in Style picture

Factual error: When Willie is taken from the hospital to appear in a criminal lineup, he is wearing a special watch he received for his birthday. When you are admitted into the hospital, the first thing you have to remove is a watch and/or jewelry.

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul picture

Factual error: The family's roadtrip was during "summer vacation", but there was intermittent Fall foliage (yellow, orange, red leaves) during their four days traveling. Quite often, the foliage was closer to what would be expected in late September or October and even November.


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