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Geostorm picture

Character mistake: Jim Sturgess uses a sentence that contains the word 'me'. He is corrected, being told that the word 'I' would have been correct. However, he was grammatically correct in his use of the word 'me'. The correction was in error.

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Dunkirk picture

Character mistake: The story arc set on the Mole covers one week. The Highlanders attempt to refloat the beached trawler on the last day of that week. One of them confidently states that the tides are three-hourly. (The audience know this isn't true because we've seen a similar conversation between the Admiral and the Colonel.) At least some - if not all - of those Tommies have been on the beach all week. Have none of them have noticed that the tides are six-hourly?

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Downsizing picture

Character mistake: When they are having the going away party for Paul, "leisure" is spelled wrong on the cake.

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Kong: Skull Island picture

Character mistake: Chapman is wearing a gold oak leaf cluster insignia on his uniform which is the rank of Major. At the initial briefing he is introduced as Major, which is correct. Throughout the movie he is referred to as Captain, which is wrong.

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Dismissed picture

Character mistake: It is highly unlikely that the recipient of Mr. Butler's application for the professorship position would not only call him so soon, but ask him to come to her office right away (where she would humiliate him for the things he wrote in his essay on "qualities that make me a good teacher"). Moreover, her failure to listen to Mr. Butler and give due consideration to his assertion that someone else actually wrote those offensive things showed poor judgment, especially since she knew the person who referred Mr. Butler and spoke highly of him. Someone tampering with his application would make more sense than believing that Mr. Butler actually wrote those things that criticized the very college he was applying to and boasted so much about himself. That Mr. Butler was not able to say more to make his point believable is also problematic. He is an English teacher, so should have the vocabulary and mastering of techniques to make a convincing argument, but he failed to defend himself.


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Wonder Woman picture

Character mistake: While posing as Steve's driver, Sameer refers to him as a colonel. He is actually wearing captain's epaulettes.


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John Wick: Chapter 2 picture

Character mistake: Once Santino and Ares find John again in the hall of mirrors, John is fighting two of the grunt men that came in with Ares and kills them. Both of which had light assault rifles and weapons on them. John and Ares proceed to empty their pistols out at each other before she runs off with Santino. John then throws his empty pistol away and gets up to pursue his target unarmed and while limping. It is unreasonable to think that someone with his skill and training and experience would not take two seconds to reach down and pick up one of the guns dropped by the two men he just killed before chasing after his target, especially given the highly trained body guard with him accompanying his target. As well as probable encounters with more grunts. To add to this, he was seen doing just this moments before when he had limited ammo and each time he'd down a few enemies he would pick up one of their guns and continue. (01:41:30)

Quantom X Premium member

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Jeepers Creepers III picture

Character mistake: At the beginning of the film, the officer states that the kid taken was named Jeremy Jenner, when he was in fact named Darius Jenner.

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Father Figures picture

Character mistake: Pete says that Terry Bradshaw's corvette is a '75 stingray. It is actually a 1981 or 1982. 1975 corvettes had a rear window that was perpendicular to the ground. 1978 and newer had a sloping rear window.

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American Made picture

Character mistake: On the map Barry writes Nicaragua and then crosses it out and says, "No, that's El Salvador." It's actually Honduras. (00:31:35)

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Murder on the Orient Express picture

Character mistake: Poirot identifies Prof. Hardman's revolver as a 1927 police-issue weapon due to its blued finish and chequered grips. In fact, these features were common in the widely-available civilian versions of the Colt 'Police Positive' revolver and not the least bit specific to police-issue weapons.

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Justice League picture

Character mistake: At the start Wonder Woman stops a terrorist attack in London, and one of the terrorists tells her the bomb will flatten 4 blocks. This must be true as she is using her lasso of truth. But she just throws the bomb through the roof window and it explodes without damaging anything. A bomb with that blast radius would still damage nearby buildings, whether it detonated in the air or on the ground.

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Suggested correction: You are compelled to YOUR truth. He didn't build the bomb. He could have been wrong based on what he knew. Otherwise, why did the terrorists have to go through all that trouble to plant a bomb there if they could level 4 blocks just by planting it outside in the car.


Which is why it is labeled a character mistake, yes. You are right in your observation, but at the same time, the only truth the movie feeds us by exposition is that the bomb is supposed to have a certain power, and that is not true. Movies tend also to use this trope/trick a lot; the moment you throw a bomb at 'the last second', the explosion that was supposed to be uber-powerful is relatively harmless, even when the distance was not all that significant.

Sammo Premium member

Depends on how high she threw the bomb. She can throw that thing high enough that it won't cause damage. Certainly if it's not as powerfull as the terrorist thought.


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xXx: Return of Xander Cage picture

Character mistake: The astute Xander Cage is able to guess that the fake tourist approaching him is, in fact, a fake because he spoke to him in English and he couldn't have guessed he was not a local. Of all the possible hints, given the fact that everything about a guy who randomly sits next to you and starts talking to you saying vaguely ominous things is suspicious, especially if you are a former CIA agent on the run, Xander's reasoning does not hold much water there when you consider that he was reading a map in English, with notes scribbled all over also in English. Anyone could have guessed that, and the guy takes a good look at the map, in fact comments on it. Besides, the tourist could have simply been looking for someone in this foreign country who'd knew his own language, and someone who has obviously been abroad a lot could be a good candidate for that. (00:17:40)

Sammo Premium member

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Security picture

Character mistake: When we see the relative positions Eddie and Johnny have, Eddie appears to be the one that should have done the signaling to the patrol car instead. (00:55:40)

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Alien: Covenant picture

Character mistake: This ship's computer, 'mother', says "declention" instead of "declination" when giving coordinates of the planet.

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Transformers: The Last Knight picture

Character mistake: Namibia was said to be in West Africa. Namibia is in Southern Africa.

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Amityville: The Awakening picture

Character mistake: In the highlighted newspaper article entitled 'DeFeo Son Accused' about the killings, the first sentence of the article ends with two periods. Also, in the 3rd sentence, the word 'psychiatric' is spelled "psuchiatric" with a 'u' instead of a 'y'. (00:01:05)


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The Book of Henry picture

Character mistake: Henry believed his call to the Saratoga County Help Line #1-518-555-0121 was not effective because Glenn's brother George was the Social Services Director. The genius failed to look above the county level and discover there's a STATEWIDE CPS number that he could have turned to #1-800-342-3720. A call to the State CPS hotline probably refers calls to the relevant county, but Henry could have used what he wrote in his notebook "Why Calling Child Protective Services is not a plausible option." (00:28:56 - 01:01:11)


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Suggested correction: It isn't clear what number Henry called. He had the county number underlined on the brochure, so I assumed that was the number he called. However, I replayed that part and the person who answered said "Child Protective Services." There was another number above for "National Help Line for Victim Advocacy" 1-800-555-0199, but that's not the National Child Abuse Hotline.


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Churchill picture

Character mistake: King George VI got out of car in admiral's uniform without his cap and saluted another officer. RN officers do not salute without their caps.

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First Kill picture

Character mistake: Aunt Dottie, pointing to Will's Range Rover, said, "You're not taking that thing out tomorrow, are you? That thing's gonna get stuck before you can get started. You take the Ridgeline. That'll handle anything up there [mountains]." A Range Rover has great capability in all types of terrain and is rated as one of the best off-road SUV's - more than can be said for the Honda Ridgeline. (The movie is not classified as a comedy). (00:11:40)


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