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The Greatest Showman pictureThe Greatest Showman mistake picture

Revealing mistake: While Barnum and Phillip are singing "The Other Side" Phillip knocks over the first stool then steps on its side, and in this closeup we can see the extra two flat bars attached between the legs, for him to easily step on. We also see that the stool's seat is perfectly round in the closeup, but in previous and following shots, such as when Carlyle jumps off the bar then grabs his hat, one side of the seat has been cut to allow it to rest flat on the floor while on its side. Presumably, the closeup was digitally edited to make the seat appear round. (00:38:05)

Super Grover Premium member
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Marshall picture

Revealing mistake: Back at his NAACP homebase, Marshall meets with the boss who is already sending him to deal with another case. In the close-up of the newspaper he's reading, check out between the actor's fingers. You can tell that half of the article, which begins in English, suddenly switches into Latin 'lorem ipsum' filler text. (00:06:20)

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