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Transformers: The Last Knight picture Video

Audio problem: Anthony Hopkins is in his car with Cogman, discussing Pangea the super continent over the phone with John Turturro. There are two instances in this scene in which Anthony Hopkins' voice has been dubbed over by a different actor that does not sound like him. Anthony Hopkins first says "That's Pangea. The super continent." The scene then flashes back to the round table and the dubbed voice attempting to sound like Hopkins says "It's the same shape on the round table." The dubbed voice is heard again when he says "Genius", before reverting back to Anthony Hopkins immediately after when he says "Stonehenge."

Casual Person

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Phantom Thread picture

Audio problem: When Reynolds is salting the asparagus the camera cuts back to Alma and you can see Reynolds' hand moving in a different direction but the salt shaker sound is still playing. The camera cuts back to Reynolds, and he's holding the salt shaker again. (01:06:15 - 01:06:39)

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Jigsaw picture

Audio problem: When Halloran and Hunt are discussing orders from the commissioner to exhume Jigsaw, it's clear that several of Halloran's lines have been looped in post. His voice is a bit too loud and a bit more forceful than he appears to be speaking, and at least one word doesn't quite line up with his mouth movements. It can be hard to spot the first time, but if you look for it, it's noticeable. (Confirmed in DVD/Blu-Ray commentary - the actor lost his voice and his lines had to be looped).

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Naked picture

Audio problem: When Rob starts accusing Benny of knowing what happened to him the previous night, Benny says that they just hung out and Rob says "Shut yo ass up" to Benny. The shot is focusing on Benny, with the camera behind Rob and his jaw does not move when he is saying the line. (00:56:20)

Casual Person

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The Foreigner picture

Audio problem: There are American crows (Corvus brachyrhynchos) calling in the distance during the initial pursuit for Quan in the forest behind the Belfast farmhouse, right after the trap door scene ends and we see two of Hennessy's men share a look. American crows do not exist in Ireland - only hooded crows, carrion crows, rooks, ravens and choughs.

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The Shape of Water picture

Audio problem: When Michael Shannon fires his gun, you can hear bullet casings falling to the floor, as is normal with a semi-automatic pistol. However, his gun is a revolver, so the casings won't eject until the gun is opened and emptied manually before reloading. (01:07:10)

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Get Out picture

Audio problem: In the ending scene of the movie when Missy Armitage stabs Chris Washington in the hand with a letter opener, you hear "mmm...yeah" in Chris' voice but his mouth never moves.


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Blade Runner 2049 picture Video

Audio problem: Just after K finds the 6 10 21 marking on Sapper Morton's tree, he begins to head back to his car. In the shot from behind K where he is first walking to the car, the only sounds heard in the shot are his footsteps and nothing else. The shot then cuts to an angle behind the car with the door opening, and it is now shown that K has set Sapper's house on fire, and the sound effects of the flames burning are suddenly heard. The sound of the flames burning the house should have still been heard in the shot where K was walking up to his car as the house was already on fire. (00:49:15)

Casual Person

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War for the Planet of the Apes picture

Audio problem: When Caesar and his companions come over to the lone soldier by the huts, carrying firewood, he puts the wood down and grabs for his gun. The sound of automatic fire is heard as he is shot, but when Caesar (the shooter) comes into view, he is carrying a pump-action shotgun.


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Suggested correction: Caesar shoots him just once, other shots were made by the man himself from his firearm.

The sound of a shotgun is very different from a rifle. It is quite obvious Caesar shot him, but the sound is still wrong.


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Girls Trip picture

Audio problem: When they are in the run down seedy motel, they show Ryan talking with her back to the camera and just the side of her face showing, and her mouth doesn't say anything near what she was verbalizing in audio.


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Geostorm picture

Audio problem: At the Democratic National Convention when the female secret service agent announces that there is an active shooter, before firing her weapon, her audio briefly switches to sounding as if it were coming through as a PA announcement to the arena. Even though she's speaking into her walkie-talkie.


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Justice League picture

Audio problem: Superman uses his heat vision against Cyborg that shot at him. Cyborg deflects it and the beam destroys a patrol car in the distance, that explodes in the background without a sound. (01:14:50)

Sammo Premium member

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Suggested correction: There is a sound of a small explosion. Considering the distance, and we're close to the heat ray grinding on his shield, it's pretty good sound editing. We should be hearing more of the shield anyway.


I believe you are right and that the resonance from the shield does drown out a sound that could match the explosion in the distance! Works for me.

Sammo Premium member

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xXx: Return of Xander Cage picture

Audio problem: When Hawk says "Damn, I'm out of bullets!", Michael Bisping's lips don't move. (01:17:20)

Sammo Premium member

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Pitch Perfect 3 picture

Audio problem: During Beca's performance of Freedom, she is singing with Cynthia Rose. During the little chorus pre-verse (before they put their hands in the middle), you can hear Beca's voice singing the lyrics but Anna Kendrick's microphone is nowhere near her mouth. Her lips don't even match it.

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John Wick: Chapter 2 picture

Audio problem: When John and another bodyguard/hitman are walking in a crowded subway/train station, and they're shooting at each other with suppressed 9mm or 45 ACP handguns across swaths of people and the people not reacting is an absurdity. High caliber handguns meaning anything larger than a .22 still makes a loud noise when suppressed. People in a general vicinity could still hear a noise and a pop. The only truly silent handgun is a .22 and it still makes a noise when the slide reciprocates back and forth. (01:18:00 - 01:18:45)

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The Greatest Showman picture

Audio problem: During "This is me", when they enter the room and get to the "oooh oh oh" part if you watch the albino the sync is out as their mouths open after the music has ended on that part.

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Logan picture

Audio problem: As Logan tries to escape the numerous SUVs surrounding the old abandoned factory, you can hear a tire screeching sound as he is backing up his limo. However, he is driving on sand, not asphalt. (00:33:00)

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The Humanity Bureau picture

Audio problem: After Adam and Noah finish talking about Chester Hills, the movie shows a few shots of the desolate land and bad conditions. One shot is a close up of a decaying dead cow, and in this shot you hear the loud sounds of flies and bugs swarming it as you'd expect on a dead animal. However it is just the added sound effect as there is not one single fly or insect visible. (00:09:35)

Quantom X Premium member

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Beauty and the Beast picture

Audio problem: When the wolves attack Maurice and Philippe, the wolves make growls that only big cats (lions/tigers) would make.


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Revenge picture

Audio problem: When Richard is running around the house trying to find Jen near the end, he is heard ferociously breathing and grunting. The breaths and grunts appear to have been dubbed in as Richard's facial and chest movements remain mostly still, which wouldn't happen if he was breathing and grunting that heavily. (01:41:10)

Casual Person

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