Best animated movie plot holes of 2017

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Ferdinand picture

Plot hole: How does the little girl Nina know Ferdinand's name if only the animals can communicate with each other? They're all calling him Ferdinand before she "names" him that.

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Despicable Me 3 picture

Plot hole: Bratt's bubble gum is strong enough to withstand projectiles like bullets, lasers, and even strong enough to carry a tanker into the sky but can't withstand Gru's body weight when he crashes into it before "happy birthday Dan".


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Paddington 2 picture

Plot hole: It was said that Paddington was caught red-handed robbing Gruber's store however there is no evidence to prove this and most of all the stolen item; the pop up book wasn't in Paddington's possession.

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The Lego Batman Movie picture

Plot hole: The film makes many references to the previous films and TV series as evidence of Batman's desire to be alone, but in the TV show and two of the films Robin has been established as his sidekick already.

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Freedom Fighters: The Ray picture

Plot hole: When The Ray is injured on Earth X and has Red Tornado's cortex, he escapes by Vibe sending him into a portal to safety. However it is evident that Vibe doesn't know where he sent The Ray or where he would be going as later he's trying hard, searching the multiverse for him. Yet somehow The Ray is able to go across universes and winds up coming out right at Earth 1's Ray's feet to transfer his powers over to Ray and give him the Cortex. This makes no sense. The Ray can't control Vibe's powers or where he sends him, so he would have had no way of making himself exit the portal in Ray's back yard. And if Vibe sent him there on purpose, he wouldn't have been struggling to figure out where he went. The only way it makes sense at all is for it to be the most massive co-incidence possibly imaginable where he accidentally was sent to another universe and happen to come out right at the feet of that universe' version of himself. None of it adds up. (00:09:50 - 00:16:50)

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