Best animated movie continuity mistakes of 2017

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Paddington 2 picture

Continuity mistake: The amount of ketchup and mustard on the prison chef's apron changes between shots.

Sacha Premium member
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Coco picture

Continuity mistake: When they jump in the pool, they drop the guitar. When they jump out their guitar is no longer in the pool.

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The Emoji Movie picture

Continuity mistake: Gene and High Five are using costumes to hide, and Gene's costume leaves a spike in his face, but when they put the costumes down and run around the corner there is nothing on his face.

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Cars 3 picture

Continuity mistake: Before the race in Thomasville Cruz has the 20 number only on her right side but later she has the number also on her left.

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Despicable Me 3 picture

Continuity mistake: When Bratt steals the diamond for the second time he breaks the window on the ceiling and glass starts to fall. Cut to Bratt and the falling glass disappears.

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Freedom Fighters: The Ray pictureFreedom Fighters: The Ray mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After Phantom Lady tells the Freedom Fighters to get airborne, the film cuts to a view of some civilians running for their lives down a street. The two in the front, a guy in a beanie and a woman carrying a baby are the only two that stay the same when it cuts to a different angle. In the close up of these two, every single person around them running changes to completely different people in different clothing. (00:02:00)

Quantom X Premium member
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The Lego Batman Movie picture

Continuity mistake: Batman plans to put the Joker in the phantom zone, and Barbara says no. She is still right in front of the SUV, but in the next shot, she is suddenly standing more forwards.

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The Boss Baby picture

Continuity mistake: When the Boss Baby and Tim are on the airplane Tim plays with a Pez dispenser. The Pez dispenser is red, but when Tim picks it up off the floor it is blue.

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Smurfs: The Lost Village pictureSmurfs: The Lost Village mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Gargamel finds out of the smurf he captured is Smurfette. She grabs the bars of the cage, but the position of the door hinges changes, switching from her right to her left, back and forth. (00:13:35)

Sammo Premium member
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Tad the Lost Explorer and the Secret of King Midas picture

Continuity mistake: Sara recovers the artifact and gets on the boat. She removes the deep-dive helmet and the oxygen tank. The villain is looking at her through his binoculars, she hasn't moved, but the equipment she took off and dropped on the deck has vanished. (00:03:00)

Sammo Premium member
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