Best adventure movie audio problems of 2017

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Transformers: The Last Knight picture Video

Audio problem: Anthony Hopkins is in his car with Cogman, discussing Pangea the super continent over the phone with John Turturro. There are two instances in this scene in which Anthony Hopkins' voice has been dubbed over by a different actor that does not sound like him. Anthony Hopkins first says "That's Pangea. The super continent." The scene then flashes back to the round table and the dubbed voice attempting to sound like Hopkins says "It's the same shape on the round table." The dubbed voice is heard again when he says "Genius", before reverting back to Anthony Hopkins immediately after when he says "Stonehenge."

Casual Person

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The Shape of Water picture

Audio problem: When Michael Shannon fires his gun, you can hear bullet casings falling to the floor, as is normal with a semi-automatic pistol. However, his gun is a revolver, so the casings won't eject until the gun is opened and emptied manually before reloading. (01:07:10)

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The Humanity Bureau picture

Audio problem: After Adam and Noah finish talking about Chester Hills, the movie shows a few shots of the desolate land and bad conditions. One shot is a close up of a decaying dead cow, and in this shot you hear the loud sounds of flies and bugs swarming it as you'd expect on a dead animal. However it is just the added sound effect as there is not one single fly or insect visible. (00:09:35)

Quantom X Premium member

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Justice League picture

Audio problem: Superman uses his heat vision against Cyborg that shot at him. Cyborg deflects it and the beam destroys a patrol car in the distance, that explodes in the background without a sound. (01:14:50)

Sammo Premium member

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Suggested correction: There is a sound of a small explosion. Considering the distance, and we're close to the heat ray grinding on his shield, it's pretty good sound editing. We should be hearing more of the shield anyway.


I believe you are right and that the resonance from the shield does drown out a sound that could match the explosion in the distance! Works for me.

Sammo Premium member

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War for the Planet of the Apes picture

Audio problem: When Caesar and his companions come over to the lone soldier by the huts, carrying firewood, he puts the wood down and grabs for his gun. The sound of automatic fire is heard as he is shot, but when Caesar (the shooter) comes into view, he is carrying a pump-action shotgun.


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Suggested correction: Caesar shoots him just once, other shots were made by the man himself from his firearm.

The sound of a shotgun is very different from a rifle. It is quite obvious Caesar shot him, but the sound is still wrong.


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