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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back picture

Revealing mistake: When the leading hitman jumps from the balcony you see him land on a rubber mat.

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Criminal picture

Revealing mistake: When Jerico is having his surgery the angle of the device that will be transmitting the memories is inconsistently angled in the real shot versus the monitor image.

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13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi picture

Revealing mistake: When a contractor fires a grenade at an enemy technical, the truck visibly explodes and moves upwards before the (most likely) CGI projectile hits it. (01:02:00)

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Hidden Figures picture

Revealing mistake: When the ladies are being escorted by the police to NASA, their Chevy is in park.

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Hunt for the Wilderpeople picture

Revealing mistake: When the hiker's body is taken out of the cottage, it is so obviously a dummy - you can see the join in the neck.

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Captain America: Civil War picture

Revealing mistake: During the face-off between Bucky, Captain America and Iron Man at the end of the film the fake snow is seen stuck to the actors after they fall down. It remains throughout the scene rather than melting as real snow would.

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Hacksaw Ridge picture

Revealing mistake: When the stretcher is being lowered down on the line, the high tension steel wires can be seen under the hessian rope.

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Suggested correction: I don't see this as an error, because just before they lower him down; it is obvious that they have rigged a tripod and cable at a much lesser angle than straight down the face of the cliff. Once the cleanup phase started; additions like this would have been normal to remove the dead and wounded.

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Passengers picture

Revealing mistake: Just after Aurora finds out that Jim woke her up, she runs around the ship. When she finishes the run, she comes across a dead end and the shot cuts to Jim sitting in front of CCTV monitors. If you look carefully, her movements on the middle monitor do not match the two either side of it - a badly-synced video rather than a live CCTV feed. (01:04:00)

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The Purge: Election Year picture

Revealing mistake: When they are in the hospital van, taking the senator to triage, and they receive fire from the helicopter, one announces that "Randall is dead" referring to the young man in the back of the van. It then cuts to his corpse - however, a split second before the scene changes away from his face, his eyes move towards the camera. (00:56:35)

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Now You See Me 2 picture

Revealing mistake: When Dylan is looking at the news articles in Thaddeus' cell, the camera pans over to one of the articles with the headline, "I am a victim": Thaddeus Bradley. The opening paragraphs on the first column are repeated throughout the entire article.

Casual Person
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The Jungle Book picture

Revealing mistake: Some scenes in the jungle involve heavy downpours of rain, but rain drops are not seen splashing on Mowgli or the jungle creatures.

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The Conjuring 2 picture

Revealing mistake: During the scene near the end, at the climax of the film, when Ed is holding onto Janet for dear life outside her bedroom window, as Lorraine rushes over and pulls them back into the house, 'Janet' is a dummy.

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Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life picture

Revealing mistake: Towards the end of the movie, the principal puts on his hat which turns his hair green. But you can see the green paint has already been applied before he puts his hat on.

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X-Men: Apocalypse picture

Revealing mistake: When Apocalypse first introduces himself to Magneto in the factory and tries to persuade him to join his side, a seam in Apocalypse's facial prosthetics next to his mouth is starting to come apart during a close-up shot.

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story picture

Revealing mistake: After Jyn has retrieved the data file containing the Death Star plans, Krennic is shown walking in a hallway with two other Death Troopers and pushes a button to open a door. The door begins to open before Krennic actually pushes the button to open it. While his hand is not seen touching the button, the sound of the button being pressed is still heard. (01:51:10)

Casual Person
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Warcraft picture

Revealing mistake: In the opening scenes, we see a very pregnant Draka reclining on a bed of animal hides as Durotan watches over her. In the extreme closeup, we see Draka twitch her lips, and her small tusks flex from side-to-side with her lips, instead of remaining firmly aligned with her jaw as they should.

Charles Austin Miller
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Central Intelligence picture

Revealing mistake: They jump out the office building and the CIA is shooting at the tan Ford Explorer. When the bullets hit the drivers door and other parts they are not making any marks/bullet holes, you can see they are fireworks and not bullets.

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The Autopsy of Jane Doe picture

Revealing mistake: When Austin goes to write the Roman numeral "XVII" on the chalkboard, the erased numerals from a previous take are still visible where he's about to write it.

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The 9th Life of Louis Drax picture

Revealing mistake: When the Creature is telling Louis the "Bat Story," the Creature is holding a burning torch in its right hand against a wholly-dark background. It becomes apparent that the shots of the creature are actually Dutch Angle shots (the angle of the camera is rotated about 45°), because the smoke from the torch is not rising straight upwards; rather, the smoke is rising at a 45° angle toward the upper left corner of the screen.

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A Cure for Wellness picture

Revealing mistake: When Lockhart slices his cast open, his missing tooth is just cosmetically blackened. (01:47:00)

Sammo Premium member
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