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Doctor Strange picture

Other mistake: When Dr. Strange rushes a patient to brain surgery they show him and Dr. Christine Palmer operating without surgical masks. When they cut away and come back they're wearing masks. Also, Dr. Palmer is an ER doctor, and her assisting him would never happen in real life.

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Alice Through the Looking Glass picture

Other mistake: When Alice's ship is being chased, she orders her crew heel to port (turn left). Instead, it turns heel to starboard (right).

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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back picture

Other mistake: Major Turner tells Reacher that the men Parasource killed were shot twice in the back of the head. During Prudhomme's telling the images show the downed soldier on his back. The other is shown being shot and falling on her back. Then the two kill shots each. They couldn't have been in the back of their heads.

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Angry Birds picture

Other mistake: After Terrance shows the painting of Matilda and she runs off, if you keep an eye on Terrance as the screen pans upwards when there isn't a lot of his body left, he randomly disappears when the pigs appear in the shot.

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The Secret Life of Pets picture

Other mistake: Duke is running through the city while dragging Max by his leash. A close-up shows Max being pulled between the bars of a metal fence, but the gap is much too small for Duke to have passed through.

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Zootopia picture

Other mistake: This is a small error with the UK release of the film. For reasons that Disney have not disclosed, the film was renamed to "Zootropolis" and has had almost every mention of the word "Zootopia" both vocally and visually changed. However, just before Judy is interviewed you see the camera pan over the reporters and Chief Bogo. If you look on the floor it says "pia" as in "Zootopia." It is clear that this texture was not changed to say "Zootropolis" due to its placement, as it would have involved rendering the whole scene again just for this word change.


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Arrival picture

Other mistake: When Amy Adams leaves the spacecraft for the final time she is met by Jeremy Renner who throws a blanket around her shoulders. As he does so, the blanket gets caught on something out of view top-of-frame (presumably a boom mic) and he has to tug at it to free it. This was part of one long take in fading light and given the amount of background action going on it was presumably too difficult or time consuming to re-shoot. (01:32:55)

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Passengers picture

Other mistake: People 'sleeping' in the hibernation pods are lying down under force of gravity, connected by their left hand fingers to sensors monitoring them, they're not strapped in or clamped down in any way. So when the gravity was lost for 5+ mins they would have lifted inside the pod, hit the top, probably disconnected from the left hand sensors, and maybe dropped back down awkwardly out of place for a future arm injection. Maybe even triggered an early wake-up procedure of the pod, as perfect equilibrium would be disrupted by getting no data from the sensors.

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them picture

Other mistake: When Newt gives Jacob a suitcase full of eggs, he bumps into him, apparently swapping suitcases. If you watch carefully, the suitcases don't actually switch.

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Sully picture

Other mistake: When Sully gets on the plane, his jacket / coat fall off the luggage he is pulling. Even the flight attendants do not realised what happened. (00:27:28)

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Spectral picture

Other mistake: When Clyne is making the new weapons to defeat the spectrals, at one point he uses a white, hot glue gun like an electric drill, even with added drill sound effects.

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Moana picture

Other mistake: In the beginning, when Maui is about to steal the heart of TeFeti, his back tattoos. On his right side, you get a glimpse of the tattoo of TeKa hitting him and him loosing his hook. He shouldn't have that tattoo since it hasn't happened yet.

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Suggested correction: He has the tattoo in that shot to represent when he first stole the stone and fought Te Ka for the first time.

Te Ka only exists because he steals the stone as it's the island with no heart.

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Gods of Egypt picture

Other mistake: When they are walking through the water, how can a giant and a normal size human have the water at the same level? It's just about knee high on the both of them.

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The Conjuring 2 picture

Other mistake: In the train scene, when Ed plays the two tapes separately, the first tape says," Help...It...Let...Go, Help...It...Let...Go." The second tape is then played, saying," Me...Won't...Me...Won't...Me." When played together, it should say," Help me, It won't let me go, Help won't, it me let go." Instead, it somehow turns into," Help me, it won't let me go, help me, it won't let me go." There aren't enough words in the second recording to fill or sequence the entire sentence(s). (01:45:00 - 01:49:00)


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Allied picture

Other mistake: During the party at Max's house there is no black out despite an air raid going on. Light spills out of the house into the garden.

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The Autopsy of Jane Doe picture

Other mistake: When propping Jane Doe's head up onto the block, her head tilts back but her eyes stay focused toward the ceiling, not tilting back. (00:26:25)

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Suggested correction: She is a supernatural entity, so her body does not necessarily behave as a normal body would. It's just one of the many unexpected things about her.


Exactly. It's shown a few times that she has powers to do strange things. Like twitch her toe.

Ssiscool Premium member

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The 5th Wave picture

Other mistake: The kids are "sneaking" into an enemy area but the lights on their helmets and lights inside the helo are on. (01:11:00)

Movie Medic

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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children picture

Other mistake: When the children arrive in Blackpool, Emma tells Jake that loop entrances can be anywhere and that "the one in London is in a subway tunnel", but on the map of all the loops they were viewing previously inside the boat, there was no marking of a loop in London.

Amina Thommesen-Kähler

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