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Trivia: In every episode Amy has a name tag with someone else's name on it.


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Falling - S1-E16

Trivia: At the bar Kara throws the peanuts against the bottles in exactly the same way Superman did in Superman 3.

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Trivia: Across the hall from Nelson and Murdock is an office that reads "Atlas Investments", a nod to the comic company (Atlas Comics) that would later become Marvel. The logo is the same as that of Atlas Comics too.


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Do You Like Teeth? - S3-E6

Trivia: In this episode, and in the previous one, Margo alludes to Prince Formar that her vagina has teeth (hence the title of the episode) and has Eliot help her trick Formar into thinking his penis was bitten during sex. Hale Appleman, who plays Eliot, starred in the film "Teeth" in which a young woman has teeth in her vagina. Appleman in "Teeth"was the first victim and had his penis bitten (off).


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Blindspot picture

Regard a Mere Mad Rager - S2-E19

Trivia: Even though simply opening the door is the solution, the math problem given yields an imaginary number. In the problem "boing" equals -1 and "flarp" equals 2. Then it asks what is the square root of -1 over 2. It's impossible to get the square root of a negative number since any number times itself yields a positive number.


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Aquarius picture

Trivia: Michaela McManus (born in 1983) is only eleven years older than Emma Dumont (born in 1994), who plays her daughter.

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt picture

Trivia: In addition to both being created by Tina Fey, "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" has several noticeable parallels to her previous series "30 Rock." Jane Krakowski is a major supporting character in both shows, and both of her characters are vain, wealthy women who have no concept of the "real world." Co-lead Tituss Burgess was a guest-star on "30 Rock" in several episodes. The construction worker who cat-calls Kimmy, realises he's gay and then begins dating Titus was the same actor who portrayed the construction worker who once cat-called Tina Fey on "30 Rock." And both shows have music done by Fey's husband Jeff Richmond. Fey has said that she was considering throwing in some more "30 Rock" 'Easter-Eggs' into "Kimmy", but decided not to, as she considers them to be similar but different "universes."

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Pilot - S1-E1

Trivia: Originally, the new "Ghost Face" mask was meant to be made out of human flesh that was being stretched over the killer's face, hence it distorts and resembles a "screaming face" like the original Ghost Face mask. This idea was dropped relatively early in filming. However, several scenes had already been filmed with the killer for the pilot, so in some shots, the mask is actually a CG model that's been added in over the original. (Though thankfully it's hard to tell which scenes have the digital mask).

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Trivia: Almost all of the rock songs in the soundtrack (which are primarily songs Ash listens to on the radio) are from the 1970's and 1980's. This was done on purpose, to help illustrate how Ash has been stuck in a state of emotional arrested development since his original adventures - he hasn't really grown as a person since.


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Mijo - S1-E2

Trivia: The guy who breaks the two brothers' legs is Tuco Salamanca, a drug dealer that makes a deal to sell the blue meth with Walter White in Breaking Bad.

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Trivia: In the comics, Kilgrave's code name is the Purple Man, due to his purple skin. His skin is never purple in this show, except once when shouting at the very end, but his comics counterpart is referenced by the fact that much of his wardrobe consists of purple clothing.

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Humans picture

Trivia: Dr. Dae-Sun tells the TV interviewer that the Synths have "Asimov blocks" in their programming so they can not do us any harm. This is a reference to science fiction writer Isaac Asimov and his "3 laws of robotics."


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Lucifer picture

Devil Is as Devil Does - S4-E7

Trivia: When Eve is looking at the wanted posters, some of the names on the posters are "Anita Brown", "Eddie Beasley", and "John Ailetcher." Beasley was a prop assistant, Brown was a set costumer, and Ailetcher was a production sound mixer on "Lucifer."


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