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Supergirl picture

Falling - S1-E16

Trivia: At the bar Kara throws the peanuts against the bottles in exactly the same way Superman did in Superman 3.

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Daredevil picture

Trivia: Across the hall from Nelson and Murdock is an office that reads "Atlas Investments", a nod to the comic company (Atlas Comics) that would later become Marvel. The logo is the same as that of Atlas Comics too.


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Humans picture

Trivia: Dr. Dae-Sun tells the TV interviewer that the Synths have "Asimov blocks" in their programming so they can not do us any harm. This is a reference to science fiction writer Isaac Asimov and his "3 laws of robotics."


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The Expanse picture

Nemesis Games - S5-E10

Trivia: On a board at a spaceport there are arrivals shown. One of the ships is the UNN Dorie Miller. The U.S. Navy named an aircraft carrier after Doris "Dorie" Miller, a Black mess attendant who heroically leapt into combat during Pearl Harbor. This was the first time an aircraft carrier was named for an African American, and the first time a sailor has been so honored for actions taken as an enlisted man. For his bravery, Miller was awarded the Navy Cross. A fitting tribute to Black History Month. (00:37:55)


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