Best TV revealing mistakes of 2015

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Jessica Jones picture

AKA Ladies Night - S1-E1

Revealing mistake: Towards the end of the episode she picks up her phone but the screen shows the incoming call still coming through, and the screen doesn't go dark when she puts it to her ear. (00:29:30)

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Lucifer picture

Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire - S2-E2

Revealing mistake: When the cops find the body in the hotel room, the actor playing the body is visibly breathing when he's supposed to be dead.

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Ash vs Evil Dead picture

El Jefe - S1-E1

Revealing mistake: The woman becomes possessed while the police are attempting to arrest her. She turns her head around and cracks her shoulders so she can walk at them backwards. They did not change her hand positions, so her right hand is where her left should be and vice versa. (00:11:00)

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Stitchers picture

The Two Deaths of Jamie B. - S2-E4

Revealing mistake: When Naomi shows Kirsten the money, you can tell it's fake. Not only are the serial numbers all the same, you can read "this note is not real it is to be used for motion pictures."

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Scream picture

Revelations - S1-E10

Revealing mistake: When Kieran looks at his phone in the car, the image of Emma calling him is upside down. The image was added after the filming was done.

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Sense8 picture

We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of Our Hearts - S1-E8

Revealing mistake: When Nomi is on her bike, in a wide shot, she is portrayed by a stunt woman.

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The Bastard Executioner picture

Pilot: Part 1 - S1-E1

Revealing mistake: Just before he sees his wife in the crowd, he lifts the sword up, revealing a blade with very dull edges (unsharpened replica sword), which magically becomes super sharp 1 minute later when he slices the guy's head off without any problems. (01:27:20)

Lars Christian Smalby
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The Magicians picture

Escape from the Happy Place - S4-E5

New this week Revealing mistake: When the coach is killed by the monsters, the blood splatters onto the camera lens. The blood stays in one place until the camera slightly pans and it moves with the camera.

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Limitless picture

Close Encounters - S1-E17

Revealing mistake: During the "power outage" when Brian is out on the street during the day, all the stop lights and cross walks are on - you can also see the lighting is on in the windows of office buildings.

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Lupin III picture

The False Play - S1-E2

Revealing mistake: When Lupin shows the Mondini file to Jigen, the text is mere Lorem Ipsum filler. (00:10:40)

Sammo Premium member
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Blindspot picture

Balance of Might - S3-E10

Revealing mistake: Near the end, you're able to see the device used to blow open the kitchen door to make it look like a bomb went off. (00:34:55)

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iZombie picture

Insane in the Germ Brain - S4-E11

Revealing mistake: Near the end of the episode, a zombie hating teenager barges into the church to assassinate brother love. He ends up shooting a choir member instead. Although the gun goes off, blood splatters as if it were a head shot, and the man collapses, there is no point of entry. They forgot to CGI the headshot.

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Supergirl picture

Not Kansas - S3-E21

Revealing mistake: As the guy fires the machine gun at Guardian, there's a closeup of bullet casings falling to the ground, but they're not just empty casings, they're fired blank rounds.

Jon Sandys Premium member
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