Best TV audio problems of 2015

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Narcos picture

The Palace in Flames - S1-E4

Audio problem: Escobar and his family climb into a helicopter. From the sound effects, the rotor is spinning full speed, but you can see from the shadow on ground the blades are not turning at all. (00:20:40)

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Lucifer picture

Monster - S2-E6

Audio problem: After Lucifer "tortures" the bride's ex-boyfriend, Detective Decker tells Lucifer that what he did was "extremely reckless and stupid." Before the shot cuts to Decker's face, her lips don't move when she starts speaking.

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Scream picture

Let the Right One In - S2-E7

Audio problem: After talking with Kieran near the start of the episode, Emma (off-screen) gets into her car, shuts the door, turns on the engine and starts driving away in 3 seconds flat.

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Fear the Walking Dead picture

The Dog - S1-E3

Audio problem: In the house as the walker is shot nearly point blank, the sound of the shotgun goes off before the flash.

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Limitless picture

Fundamentals of Naked Portraiture - S1-E14

Audio problem: When Brian and Rebecca arrive at GERD (Global Enterprise for Research and Development) and Rebecca says, "It's people like this who decided mutually assured destruction as the best way to deter nuclear attacks", her lips don't match her words when she starts speaking.

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