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Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation picture

Revealing mistake: When Benji imagines putting on a mask of an agent he plans to impersonate, when the camera pans around to first show the mirror, the mirror Benji's hands are further up on his face than the reflection, and the mirror Benji's hands move down his face slightly before the reflection starts to move them. Also, the mole that Ethan has on his left cheek isn't reversed in the mirror image. The "mirror" was actually a hole in the wall between two identical sets (one mirrored), with Simon Pegg and a Tom Cruise double in the foreground, and the mask actor and Tom Cruise in the background "mirror" set. (00:57:20)

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San Andreas picture

Revealing mistake: In the first scene where Natalie is checking her phone whilst driving, you can see the shift selector is in the park position and the speedo is on zero, suggesting the car is on a trailer for this driving scene. (00:01:55)

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Solace picture

Revealing mistake: Opening scene: in the first shot where the murder victim is fully visible and the camera zooms in a little, the supposedly dead victim is obviously breathing in (his chest is moving a lot). (00:01:05)

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Spooks: The Greater Good picture

Revealing mistake: Right at the beginning of the film "rain" is falling on the car the camera shows before it moves to focus into the tunnel. However, look at the cars behind it, they aren't wet at all and it's visibly sunny. It's water being poured onto the car directly in front of the camera.

Liam D
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Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials picture

Revealing mistake: When Tomas and Brenda are avoiding the big pile of stuff down in ground in the elevator, there are wires visible pulling them.

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Bridge of Spies picture

Revealing mistake: Near the end, during the night-time bridge exchange scene, the Americans enter from one end of the bridge and the Soviets enter from the other end. Suddenly, the Soviets switch on multiple flood lights directly behind the Soviet party, which should have cast shadows from their bodies dozens of meters in length. Instead, the shadows from the Soviet party are quite short, only a couple of meters, indicating that the primary lighting is out-of-frame, far above their heads.

Charles Austin Miller
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Furious 7 pictureFurious 7 mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When the team attends Han's funeral, Deckard Shaw is watching the team in a Maserati Ghibli with tinted windows. When Dom notices him he then chases Shaw in his muscle car. During the chase the Maserati Ghibli is seen twice with clear windows with a man in a mask behind the wheel. When Dom and Deckard come face to face with the cars and then crash into each other, the Maserati Ghibli is then seen again with clear windows. After the crash when Kurt Russel makes his entrance the crashed Maserati Ghibli still has clear windows. (00:25:00)

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Mad Max: Fury Road picture

Revealing mistake: When Imortan Joe's body is thrown from the car by Max at the end, if you look closely when the crowd rush in it's just his costume there and no body.

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Poltergeist picture

Revealing mistake: Just before Madison is about to be pulled up the stairs, it's quite too obvious that is isn't Kennedi Clements, rather a stunt double.

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Survivor picture

Revealing mistake: When Sam phones his car, as he and Kate are hiding in Talbot's apartment, it is discovered that the two people sitting in Sam's car have been killed by the Watchmaker. One of the dead bodies is shown blinking in the shot.

Casual Person
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Cop Car picture

Revealing mistake: Throughout the movie, we are reminded repeatedly that Harrison and Travis are naive 9-year-old boys who have absolutely no knowledge of guns or gun safety. Near the end, when the two boys are trapped in the backseat of the cop car, they clumsily try to blow out the window with a 40 caliber semi-auto handgun, but they can't even figure out the safety mechanism. When they do release the safety moments later, young Travis suddenly takes aim and fires with a perfect two-handed forward presentation. We see the gun and Travis's hands in close-up, and he's properly holding the semi-auto with trained dexterity just before it fires. This appears to be a skilled stand-in firing the gun.

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The Boy Next Door picture

Revealing mistake: In the flashback of the death of Noah's parents, besides the obvious clichè of insta-explosion on impact, it's obvious in the second shot that the car is exploding from within the passenger seats. (01:09:55)

Sammo Premium member
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Wrecker picture

Revealing mistake: The idea is that the characters are in some super remote area where there are no working phones and nowhere to get help, but throughout the movie you can see a town in the background with buildings.

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Point Break picture

Revealing mistake: When Johnny (Utah) and Samsara are in the ocean at night, the lighting appears to be in daytime. If you look at the surface when they come out of the little cave opening there is a bright sun-like shape.

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