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Jurassic World picture

Plot hole: Even if boys of that age had the technical know-how to quickly repair Jeeps over 20 years old (seriously?), any gasoline in the tank would have long become unusable, the tires and lines would have rotted away, and the electrics would all be dead. Now if it was in the desert or a dry garage, it may have survived, but it's on a tropical island, in a shed that has all sorts of holes in the roof, leaving it exposed to every kind of weather the island could throw at it. In addition, the kids start the jeep with the small battery of an ATV, which cannot produce enough power to crank a Jeep engine.

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Suggested correction: It is not uncommon for youngsters to want to help family members when fixing cars, it also wouldn't take much to know how to change a battery and put some fuel in. The gasoline came from the crashed ATV outside so it is therefore fresh. In regards to the age of the vehicle, it is not known when it was last used. It could have been used by builders whilst Jurassic World was under construction. Judging by the difference in condition between the garage and the main rotunda, it looks like the garage has been somewhat maintained which would back this theory up. It is also worth noting that the Jeep was left to rot after filming and that is genuinely the condition they found it in, apart from putting new tires on it they didn't have to do any mechanical work to get it running so it is indeed possible to get a vehicle running that has sat for years. In regards to the battery, there have been huge advances in technology. I have a classic Capri which used to use a huge lorry / forklift battery. It will now start off a battery from a 2008 Ford Focus.

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Inside Out picture

Plot hole: Joy and Sadness are stuck outside of the control center. They are trying to figure out how to get back, and encounter maintenance workers who are discarding old memories. The maintenance workers show that they have the power to send memories back up to the control center to be played. Why couldn't they send the core memories that Joy had back up the same way? Better yet, why not use that method to send Joy and Sadness back up to the control center? The director of the film is even aware of the plot hole, and said "Yeah, well then we wouldn't have a third act," before explaining how the idea of recalling memories was added in later, "box[ing] [the screenwriters] in a corner a little bit."

manthabeat Premium member
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Hotel Transylvania 2 picture

Plot hole: In the beginning, vampires are shown to be invisible in photos but then they seem to appear in videos like security footage and social media posts.

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Sicario picture

Plot hole: The only reason Kate is brought onto Matt's team is to give the CIA legal authority to operate on US soil. Given that he already has DEA agents and US Marshals on the team, all of whom seem to be fully aware of what he is doing and have no problem with it, this doesn't make a great deal of sense. Her idealism makes her a poor choice for the sort of operations the team is doing, and there are already domestic US agents available.

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Spectre picture

Plot hole: There's no good reason for Hinx to attack Bond on the train. Blofield was expecting him to turn up at the crater, that's why he sent the car to pick them up.

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Furious 7 picture

Plot hole: In Tokyo Drift Twinkie tells Sean that Dom has been racing and beating drivers around Asia, but in this film Dom only goes to Tokyo for day or two as he tells Mia to tell Brian that he will see him in Los Angeles in two days.

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The Night Before picture

Plot hole: When Isaac is coming out of the church, he never picks up Sarah's phone from the Nativity scene, but he is still able to return it to her later in the movie.

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The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water picture

Plot hole: Plankton replaces the secret formula with another message in a bottle, but later, when Spongebob catches him, he is replacing the bottles again.

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Suggested correction: No, he is not. It might appear like he's about to do it due to the way Plankton and the bottles are similarly positioned as in the shot mentioned before, but there is nothing that indicates that he was about to repeat the same action. He had only picked up the bottle with the secret formula that he had pushed off from the pressure plate, he was then surprised to be caught by Spongebob so he accidentally knocked over the bottle he replaced the secret formula with. Also, when he accidentally knocked over the bottle, he didn't place the bottle he was holding on to back on top of the pressure plate to disable the alarm since it would mean returning the bottle with the secret formula back to its original spot.

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Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation picture

Plot hole: Before the IMF team can exchange the yellow cards for the access control, they first need to know the data format/file type in which the access rights (retina, gait, fingerprints...) are stored. Otherwise, the computer will not recognize the data on the card, and display an error to the maintenance personnel. In order to figure this out, they would need to steal first some of these yellow cards and analyze the data on them, before they can fake a card which will be accepted by the computer.

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Fantastic Four picture

Plot hole: Dr Doom has amazing powers, able to crush people or pop their heads in an instant, which he does to all the humans but not to his biggest threat, the Fantastic 4.

Neil Buckley
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Hot Tub Time Machine 2 picture

Plot hole: Gary Winkle appears as the supposed fourth guy from Winterfest, in the first film. He is shown later in this film in the alternate future, and appears to be around the same age as before. Meanwhile, all of the main characters are much older, and Adam's son is already an adult by now. (00:03:00 - 00:41:00)

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Kept Woman picture

Plot hole: After Simon kills Megan, he drags her into the hall and then through the door that needs a code to open it, but he doesn't put the code in and he doesn't open the door; he just drags Megan away.

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The Marine 4: Moving Target picture

Plot hole: It's a good thing Jake left the he is lying in the bed of a pickup with a full-auto weapon, and he can't take out the radiator of a vehicle 20 feet back, with not one, not two, but 3 clips of ammunition. A few rounds through the radiator, coolant is gone, and the motor seizes.

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The Visit picture

Plot hole: When they left the camera out overnight to film Nana it would have had to be recording all night. A DSLR will not do this and does not do motion detection either.

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Goosebumps picture

Plot hole: If Slappy and the others creatures are chasing Stine, it was not possible for them to them to know that he was getting away in the bus, it was too far to see him inside.

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Taken 3 picture

Plot hole: When Bryan goes to the Russian bad guys' heavily-guarded apartment/office building, they make a point of saying that a guard upstairs monitors a camera and operates the elevator allowing only certain people to come up. Brian manages to trick the elevator operator into letting him up, then proceeds to kill him and all the other guards on the way to the apartment. How does he end up using the elevator to get back down when everyone is dead? And who is letting the cops up to the apartment when they show up well after everyone had been killed?

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Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension picture

Plot hole: How did they get the tapes from 1988? These were included in part 3 which came out in 2011. This movie came out in 2014 so they could not have had access to them.

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Suggested correction: The years of the films' releases are irrelevant.

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Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 picture

Plot hole: Paul should have been shocked as he put his vibrating fork onto the live cable if it was conductive in order to shock the bad guy.

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