Best adventure movie audio problems of 2015

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Home picture

Audio problem: When Oh and Tip are searching through the crashed Gorg drone, Pig's meow is briefly heard, but he is not with them.

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Tomorrowland picture

Audio problem: After Casey and Frank have landed in the lake, via the bathtub rocket, Casey starts talking to Frank about having already prepared the escape. Her lips are never shown moving along with the speech.

Casual Person

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Jurassic World picture

Audio problem: When they are standing at the top of the waterfall Owen talks to Clare from behind and his mouth isn't moving. (01:06:10)

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens picture

Audio problem: Right before Kylo Ren kills Lor San Tekka, he says "You're so right," and the sound of him igniting his lightsaber while raising it upward, then killing Tekka. You can see red light that is flickering at the bottom of the screen while Ren is talking, meaning that the lightsaber is on, but there is no sound of the lightsaber, and there is still a sound of ignition when it is already on.

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Mad Max: Fury Road picture

Audio problem: When Mad Max says "How much more can they take from me? They've got my blood. Now it's my car!" The audio does not match his lip movements. The line sounds like a dub recorded in an audio studio. (00:16:40)


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