Best thriller movie visible crew/equipment of 2014

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Nightcrawler picture

Visible crew/equipment: As Jake approaches the house after the van drives off, it looks like a crew member got caught at the side of the house and moves back as Jake is taking camera footage. (01:03:25)

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The Expendables 3 picture

Visible crew/equipment: When they guys meet up with Caesar, Barney says "You walked into that one." When he does you can see 2 people reflected in his sunglasses, other Expendables members, but you can also see what appears to be a camera outside the boat. (00:13:20)

Ssiscool Premium member
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The Prince picture

Visible crew/equipment: After Paul leaves the club (where Eddie is) and starts driving away - a crewman is visible in the reflection on the car's back window. (00:35:00 - 00:36:00)

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The Woman in Black 2 Angel of Death picture

Visible crew/equipment: When the little boy is lying in bed looking up at a hole in the wall you see a creepy hand move, the while time, if you look closely, there appears to be a human hand with human fingers to the right of it in the darkness.

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Sharknado 2: The Second One picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Fin and Skye get to the hotel's roof, just before they set their bags down and then also when they rush to the glass railing, we can see the reflections of crew members on the surface of the glass safety railings.

Super Grover Premium member
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The Guest picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Major Carver gets in his car to chase after "David", the entire camera crew is reflected in the side of the car when it's reversing.

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