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Into the Storm picture

Other mistake: When the blue van rolls over, and they turn around to go pick them up, they park like 20-30 feet from the van for no reason, instead of right by it, seemingly just to have a tree block their path, then decide to run into a church with really big stained glass window and wood pews while a fire tornado is just outside. Rolling the van back upright, all the TVs and equipment inside the van seem to be working just fine.

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The November Man picture

Other mistake: At the end, when she's writing the email, she enters a subject line first, but then when we see a closeup of her clicking the "send" button, the window title says "untitled message." That would have been replaced by the subject when she wrote it.

Jon Sandys Premium member
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Gone Girl picture

Other mistake: When Amy cuts Mr Collins' neck while they are having sex and Amy is underneath him, not a drop of blood falls on her hair. Before she climbs off the bed, we can see a ring around her neck, above it, no blood, and below it, buckets full of blood.

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Joy Ride 3 picture

Other mistake: When Jordan drops Rusty's truck into the compactor, the excavator and its claw seem just too small for the job. You can see the truck has been sawed shorter as the truck's rear axles stay on the ground while the cab goes in the compactor. There is no possible way for the truck to snap in half like that when lifted. This small excavator would just simply have flipped over trying to raise the truck by the engine compartment.

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Non-Stop picture

Other mistake: When Bill is walking into the airport after parking his car, the plane landing in the background is moving way too slow, revealing it to be a CGI plane.

Phaneron Premium member
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John Wick picture Video

Other mistake: When John is talking to the club bouncer, John says that he lost weight, to which he replies (in Russian) "Twenty kilograms." The translation says "over sixty pounds," but 20 kilograms is just over 44 pounds. (00:46:30)

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The Equalizer picture

Other mistake: All the power is down but the fans in the bakery are still working.

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The Imitation Game picture

Other mistake: In the captions at the end of the film, describing what happened to Alan Turing between the end of the war and his arrest, his name is spelt 'Touring'. In the next caption, it is spelt 'Turing'.

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Sharknado 2: The Second One pictureSharknado 2: The Second One mistake picture

Other mistake: When Lady Liberty's head rolls down the street behind Ellen, Mora, and Polly, it's a very distinctive street and there's a large white storefront sign 'Aleva' over a green awning that they all pass. Then after they drive off in the truck they're driving down that same street, even from the same direction, with that enormous head still after them. Additionally, that building with the 'Aleva' storefront and its awning has simply vanished the second time around.

Super Grover Premium member
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The Town That Dreaded Sundown picture

Other mistake: When The Phantom's shot in the leg he somehow gets blood on his sack mask.

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