Best romance movie factual errors of 2014

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Factual error: They travel on a Boeing 777 to Amsterdam. The shots in the airplane are in a much smaller cabin (3 seats/aisle/3 seats). The 777 seating in economy class is 9 or 10 seats across, with two aisles. (01:29:00 - 01:30:00)

Igor Wieler
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Factual error: When the Germans come to the town a tank rolls through the picture. The first shot shows the tracks, then the whole tank is shown and one can see the tracks again. The turret suggests a Panzer III (which would be accurate for the time). It appears however that the tank is a modified Russian T34 or T55 or something as the road wheels are too big for a Panzer III. (00:13:00)

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Factual error: While Evans and Eve are still in Grand Central they overhear an announcement which states "According to Port Authority policy This station will be closing for the evening." Grand Central is not part of the NY/NJ Port Authority. Also Grand Central is a terminal, not a station, as trains do not pass through Grand Central, they enter and turn around.

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