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Brick Mansions picture

Factual error: The "brick mansions" are in Detroit, but when the surveillance satellite footage is shown, the initial, close-up skyline shown from above is of San Francisco. Then as it zooms out it's looking at Chicago. (01:04:00)

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The Equalizer picture

Factual error: In the big battle scene at the Home Mart store after Robert turns the power off to the building, you see Robert grabbing welding canisters. When Robert has Ralphie turn the power back on, it cuts to one of the bad guys in the break-room, and a digital microwave starts counting down. A digital microwave could not have any memory of any prior cook settings, let alone any way to set it, since the power was already out. (01:55:40 - 01:56:35)


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Rob the Mob picture

Factual error: When Rosie calls Big Al's number, she gives his address as 41 Ocean Avenue in Howard Beach, Queens. Ocean Avenue runs from Prospect Park to Sheepshead Bay, entirely in Brooklyn, and does not enter Howard Beach. (01:05:00)


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RoboCop picture

Factual error: When they show Alex's partner in the hospital his heart rate is showing 35 on the monitor. His heart rate is not that low from the EKG pattern.

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Veronica Mars picture

Factual error: In the Logan departure scene near the end of the movie, Logan's naval officer uniform is missing his rank shoulder boards.

Mike Nix

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A Walk Among the Tombstones picture

Factual error: A scene shows a 1980's Ford Crown Victoria with New Jersey license plates. They start with QQ which means it's registered as a historic vehicle which means it has to be at least 25 years old. The film is set in 1999.

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Hackney's Finest picture

Factual error: When the guy is talking to him on the phone and the Russian smashes it on the floor, the phone smashes and the battery comes out but the guy other end can still hear him. (01:04:00)


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Happy Face Killer picture

Factual error: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer who phones Jesperson to tell him he has not been accepted is a colonel. In common with most Canadian police forces, the RCMP uses British-style civilian police ranks (inspector, superintendent, etc), not military-style ranks as the American police do.


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Need for Speed picture

Factual error: Though Maverick describes the helicopter he flies when he picks up the Mustang in Utah as an Apache, it is not one. The Apache is an attack helicopter, while the one flown is a cargo model discontinued in the 1970s. Furthermore, the livery of the aircraft has not been used by the Army for decades. Further still, the jets which intercept Maverick fly so close to the helicopter that their wake turbulence should have caused it to crash. A really heinous scene overall.


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22 Jump Street picture

Factual error: Near the end of the helicopter scene Jenko pulls the pin of a grenade with his teeth before he throws it. It is not possible to pull a grenade pin with your teeth as it requires more force than that.

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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For picture

Factual error: When Joseph Gordon-Levitt is playing poker, they are using Morgan style silver dollars. The stacks of dollars are treated as $100 dollars. But a Morgan dollar is 2.4 mm thick, a hundred dollars would be 9 .44 inches high and the stacks of coins were about half of that. (00:11:00 - 00:12:00)


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Rage picture

Factual error: When they torch the car by the docks, supposed to be about 15 years in the past, there is a US Navy Independence-class ship in the background, but the first of these was only launched in 2008, at least 9 years after the scene was supposed to depict. (00:35:00)

Josh Baumgartner

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