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American Sniper picture

Trivia: The baby is obviously a "doll" as a mistake entry states. The baby that they were going to use got sick and they did not want to take up time to try to find a replacement, so they decided to go with the fake as their only viable option.

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Wild picture

Trivia: Laura Dern plays Bobbi, mother of Cheryl (Reese Witherspoon). In real life, Dern is only nine years older than Witherspoon.

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Mr. Turner picture

Trivia: Paul Jesson and Timothy Spall play father and son in this film. In real life, Jesson is only ten years older than Spall.

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Low Down picture

Trivia: Glenn Close is only twelve years older than John Hawkes, who plays her son.

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The Theory of Everything picture

Trivia: Of the 2015 Academy Award nominees, it was the only film to earn nominations in both the Leading Actor and Leading Actress categories.

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