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American Sniper picture

Other mistake: After the shoot out at night the American forces are faced with a group of hostile locals, and the team are told to pull out and get in the vehicles. As they drive off we see a back shot of them sitting on the back of the one of the vehicles, but on the right hand side you can see a backpack and part of an American soldier, did they just leave him? (01:12:50)

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The Theory of Everything picture

Other mistake: When Stephen Hawking's life is played backwards and then rewinds at the end of the film, the sequence of his sudden illness at the concert and subsequent operation at the hospital are the wrong way round. It should show him having the operation, then winding back to his collapse at the concert, but the two events are in the wrong reverse order.

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Wild picture

Other mistake: In the motel room after the lead character's one night stay, she is seen repacking her hiking and camping equipment which is splayed across two single made-up beds, one of which should have been slept in. (00:05:00)

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The Imitation Game picture

Other mistake: In the captions at the end of the film, describing what happened to Alan Turing between the end of the war and his arrest, his name is spelt 'Touring'. In the next caption, it is spelt 'Turing'.

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