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The Nut Job picture

Other mistake: At the beginning, when one bad guy is sitting on a bench with a newspaper, we can read the date October 21, 1959 at the top. But, we also read Nov 3 1970 on the same page, under the mugshot of the Boss being released from jail. (00:04:20)

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Transformers: Age of Extinction picture

Other mistake: During the introduction of Attinger, he is holding cards of the Autobots explaining what happened to them. One such card is of Ironhide, listed as last seen in Chicago. Ironhide was killed in Washington DC at NEST headquarters by Sentinel Prime in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. He didn't even participate in the Chicago battle.

Brad Premium member
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles picture

Other mistake: At the beginning of the film when April sees the foot clan braking into the shipping container, it is pouring with rain, yet her hair miraculously remains dry all the way through.

Andy Thain
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Kingsman: The Secret Service picture

Other mistake: In the "Uncut" version of the film, after the "Dinner Party" at Valentine's place, when Valentine is at the door saying goodbye to Harry, he says "Just give me a couple of days to think over your proposal." His lisp has disappeared on the word "days." (00:57:00)

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Godzilla picture

Other mistake: When the father and son sneak into the quarantine area, they are wearing radiation masks. The father's mask is a slip over face mask (not entire face, hood and shoulders one-piece like the son's) that shows some exposed skin in a gap between the hood and mask, yet they speak about how severe the radiation is expected to be. The father using a meter detects no radiation and he dramatically slips that mask type off to breath the air. If there was severe radiation as they anticipated, he would have already been harshly exposed.

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X-Men: Days of Future Past picture

Other mistake: Logan, Charles, Erik and Hank are boarding the plane after breaking Erik out of the Pentagon. Erik goes to reach down for the paper and Logan stops him by placing his bone claws down on the paper. On the third column of the article on the front page, the article mentions a shoemaker named Max Schwartz and a couple of paragraphs below, a woman named Mrs. Locklan Smith. On the fourth column of the article, the exact same paragraphs of both the shoemaker Max Schwartz and Mrs. Locklan Smith have been repeated a second time. (00:52:20)

Casual Person
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Captain America: The Winter Soldier picture

Other mistake: When Zola's algorithm is deployed and begins it shows the radius which barely reaches Staten Island, however it finds Tony Stark in NYC.

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Suggested correction: The initial targeting radius shown at 1:53:27 is as you say. But the radius keeps growing. At 1:53:50, it is still growing and has almost reached Lake Ontario.


Suggested correction: It's possible certain people were pre-programmed in.

Greg Dwyer
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Guardians of the Galaxy picture

Other mistake: At the end when the ship crashes that part of the city is leveled - we see injured people, but no one is covered in dust or dirt thrown up by the impact - everyone is clean.

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Penguins of Madagascar picture

Other mistake: The size of Dave's sub is too small for all the rooms it contains especially the cargo hold with hundreds of penguins and cages.

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Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb picture

Other mistake: The lost cape from the mini soldier was blowing out of a return air duct that was actually sucking air in to an air filter.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 picture

Other mistake: The main events of the film presumably take place in May, since we see Peter and Gwen graduate in the beginning. After Gwen's death, Peter is shown mourning through autumn and winter-like weather. However, near the end of the film, a news reporter says it's been only five months since Spider-Man disappeared. This would put the last fight with Rhino in October, and mean it snowed in the middle of summer.

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