Best adventure movie audio problems of 2014

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Divergent picture

Audio problem: As Beatrice and Caleb are walking through the streets, Caleb asks Beatrice "What if she'd been blind or an amputee? Would you have helped her then?" and Beatrice replies "I was thinking about helping her." Neither their lips nor jaws ever move during both these lines. (00:05:35)

Casual Person
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Interstellar picture

Audio problem: Tom's wife coughs into her sleeve as the shot changes; when it switches to Murph's boyfriend, you can see her reflection in the window and she is not coughing. "How long have you had that cough?" he asks, and although she replies "A while," you can see in the reflection that she was originally filmed coughing again as a reply. (01:49:20)

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Hercules picture

Audio problem: At the end the soldiers can be heard cheering and clanking their gear, yet they're all kneeling motionless.

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier picture

Audio problem: After Alexander Pierce discovers Nick is alive, Pierce starts explaining the intention of his plan to him. A reverse angle of Pierce is shown where he says "You didn't ask. You just did what had to be done. I can bring order to the lives of seven billion people by sacrificing 20 million." His jaw doesn't seem to be matching up with his speech. (01:42:00)

Casual Person
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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 picture

Audio problem: During Electro and Spidey's final battle, after Spidey breaks the yellow pipe Electro says "Is that all you've got?" but his lips aren't moving.

Sacha Premium member
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The Expendables 3 picture

Audio problem: When Smilee says they got reinforcements, Barney says "shit". But his mouth doesn't move. (01:32:00)

Ssiscool Premium member
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