Best action movie revealing mistakes of 2014

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier picture

Revealing mistake: When Cap is driving the blue Chevrolet Silverado with Black Widow, the gear shift is in the up locked position, not lower on the column, indicating the truck was towed in the scene. (00:54:45)

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Need for Speed picture

Revealing mistake: When the final race is under way, the silver Saleen S7 hits a Police SUV and makes it flip, you can see the smoke coming out of the bottom of the SUV where the cannon has fired to flip the SUV.

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300: Rise of an Empire picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Themistocles first talks to Queen Gorgo, in the background you can see several extras, one of which is wearing obvious sneakers. (00:18:35)

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles picture

Revealing mistake: When April O'Neil first tries to take pictures of the foot clan activity at the docks, almost every time they show her phone, the screen is black. In fact, when she finally tries to get the shot of the Vigilante we see a clear as day reflection of herself on the screen.

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John Wick pictureJohn Wick mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Viggo pushes the car off the edge and it hits the ground, as it rolls you can see that the engine/transmission, drive shift and tank have been removed. (01:26:00)

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Transformers: Age of Extinction pictureTransformers: Age of Extinction mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Galvatron is firing rockets on the Autobots, a flatbed truck swerves into the back of an RV causing it to flip over and explode. There is no driver in the RV. (01:17:40)

Casual Person
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Lucy picture

Revealing mistake: When Lucy is chained and locked up in the room by the Korean drug cartel, she is hit in the stomach by the Korean guy. Drugs start leaking into her stomach and her body, and she starts shaking and going up the wall and ceiling. When she is leaning against the wall and crawling up it, the way the gravity affects the chains and her hair shows that she is actually lying on the floor. (00:25:20)

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American Sniper pictureAmerican Sniper mistake picture Video

Revealing mistake: About 3/4 through the movie, Bradley Cooper and his wife are talking in a bedroom or nursery. He takes his daughter and holds her - the baby is clearly fake.

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Edge of Tomorrow picture

Revealing mistake: When they leave the caravan park, look at the wheels of the caravan they are set up to rear steer like a truck trailer, rather than a normal caravan. When they exit the park the caravan tilts, giving a good view of the set up underneath.

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The Equalizer picture

Revealing mistake: When David Harbour is going to search his place, you see him check his weapon. The picture shows the rounds but all the primers have indentations, showing they've already been fired. (01:21:25)

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22 Jump Street picture

Revealing mistake: When Schmidt is receiving text messages on his Xperia Z from Captain Dickson that he is going to kill him for dating his daughter, you can hear the phone chiming, but when he shows his cell phone you can see in the notification bar it's on silent. (00:59:00)

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Into the Storm picture

Revealing mistake: When Alison is holding on to the Titus, Gary tries to save her, and they are seen dangling in the air by the tornado. In the shot of Trey looking out the bank window, you can faintly see wires attached to Alison to make her dangle in the air.

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Divergent picture

Revealing mistake: When Four injects Tris with the serum before taking the test for the first time, it is very apparent the syringe is not injected into Tris' neck. The tip of the syringe is merely just touching the skin of Tris' neck and the syringe is shown moving around her neck. (01:07:30)

Casual Person
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Kingsman: The Secret Service picture

Revealing mistake: In the Kentucky church-massacre scene, Harry briefly scuffles with a man in a light blue sweater. Harry elbows him in the ribs, sticks a grenade in the man's pocket, spins him around and delivers a crushing blow to his neck, then hurls him head-first into a wall. Throughout this sequence, the man is obviously a live human being. However, a fraction of a second before he impacts the wall, he transforms into a life-size rubber dummy before our eyes, in mid-frame, without any obvious camera cut. This demonstrates the complexity of the scene - it is a digitally-edited collage of action sequences almost seamlessly strung together into what appears to be one long traveling shot.

Charles Austin Miller
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The Expendables 3 picture

Revealing mistake: When the tanks are firing on the building near the end, some of the shots of shells hitting the building are reused. (01:35:00)

Ssiscool Premium member
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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 picture

Revealing mistake: During the plutonium heist, when the truck skids, tire marks from previous takes are visible on the pavement.

Sacha Premium member
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The Maze Runner picture

Revealing mistake: When Thomas is running through the blades to rejoin the other runner, as they run into each other it is a CGI background. (01:08:50)

Ssiscool Premium member
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Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead picture

Revealing mistake: As Glenn, Blake and Monica are being surrounded by zombies, as Monica asks "Fucking hell, how many more of these are there?", in the background you can see a zombie sitting astride his victim, flailing away with a hammer or hatchet. It is obvious that he is just swinging his arm back and forth, without connecting with anything. It looks as if he is dusting, not slaying someone. (01:23:50)

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American Heist picture

Revealing mistake: When James is getting on the St. Charles street car at Carondelet it's raining, but on the north side of Canal St, people are walking in shorts and with no umbrellas.

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