Best drama TV character mistakes of 2013

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Orange Is the New Black picture

Storm-y Weather - S5-E13

Character mistake: The officers count the inmates and say there's 10 missing. There are indeed 10 inmates hiding in the pool. However, Pennsatucky and Chang had escaped the prison. The officers counted Linda as an inmate, who had been hiding in Litchfield the whole season, and wasn't on the list. That would make it 11 people missing, not 10.

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Peaky Blinders picture

Season 5 generally

Character mistake: Several times Tommy addresses Sir Oswald Mosley as Mr Mosley instead of the correct Sir Oswald. Mosley never corrects him, which given his snobbishness portrayed throughout the series seems highly unlikely.


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Agents of SHIELD picture

A Wanted (Inhu)Man - S3-E3

Character mistake: Lance and May walk into a bar in Massachusetts. As they enter, the camera pans and shows a large banner on the front window. The banner is advertising "game day" food and drinks. In very large letters the banner shows Boston Red Socks. The actual correct spelling is Boston Red Sox. (00:05:45)

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Defiance picture

The Broken Bough - S3-E3

Character mistake: The language peculiarity of the series refers to any wheeled vehicle as a "roller." The character "General Tak" accidentally breaks the language rules near the end of the episode and uses the word "car."

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