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The Call picture

Other mistake: When Casey is in the car boot on the phone to Jordan, Jordan is asking her to describe what she sees in the boot of the car. Casey is naming the items she sees, paint cans, shovel etc. Jordan asks her to pour the paint out of the boot through the tail light hole. Jordan puts out a call to look out for a car with "WHITE paint pouring out the back," but Casey didn't tell her the colour of the paint.

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Olympus Has Fallen picture

Other mistake: At the end of the movie, when the president gives a speech, Mike Banning's face still shows the unhealed cuts from his fights at the White House, suggesting that this is only a couple of days or so after the event. However, the President, who was shot in the gut and on the verge of dying, is completely recovered.


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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire picture

Other mistake: The old man executed in District 11 was shot in the head from behind. However, when Katniss looks out the window from above there are no blood stains on the floor, nor is there a gunshot wound to the head. (00:20:50 - 00:22:30)

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White House Down picture

Other mistake: Near the end, the sprinklers are turned off in the oval office, which should mean they are all turned off as they all came on together, but where the fist-fighting continues, the sprinklers are still on.


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Fast & Furious 6 picture

Other mistake: Dom drives his Dodge Charger out of the Antonov's cargo hold - which is filled with, well, cargo - through the nose of the plane which was already on fire while he was still in it - and yet there isn't a single dent on his car before he loses control and rolls it.


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The Last Stand picture

Other mistake: When the driver of the ZR1 corvette changes gears the emergency brake lever is visibly up. (00:53:00 - 00:53:55)

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World War Z picture

Other mistake: When the family's car is being hit by the ambulance, we see Gerry's head bouncing around by the impact in a close-up. Camera angle is from inside (approximately from the centre armrest). We see out his window, and there is nothing there. The camera angle changes to an exterior shot, and its clear that the position of the ambulance hitting the car should have made the ambulance visible from the interior camera. (00:08:05)


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A Good Day to Die Hard picture

Other mistake: Komerov gets shot in the arm at the start of film, however, he is able to use his arm perfectly even straight after being shot. (00:34:30)

Ssiscool Premium member

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Iron Man 3 picture

Other mistake: When Tony's house is destroyed by the Mandarin, watch closely when Pepper is blown through the air, just before Tony attaches his suit to her - she's very obviously wearing high-heeled shoes that would make it impossible for her feet/ankles to fit correctly into the suit without them being crunched up by the suit's boots. But later on, when she gets out, if you listen, you can hear the "clicking" of her unbroken heels as she runs around.

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The Conjuring picture

Other mistake: The clocks as we learn later in the film stop at 03:07 due to that being the time the witch died. However, the grandfather clock we see for the first time has stopped at 03:07. We then see it stop at 03:07 the next night too. However the minute hand is in a different spot to when it first stopped - it should have stopped at precisely the same point. (00:13:05 - 00:18:50)

Ssiscool Premium member

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Riddick picture

Other mistake: The trip back on foot from the nodes for Johns was way too fast, and he likely would not have had enough ammo to handle the entire trip back. From Riddick's perspective, John's left, he cauterized his wounds with some explosive debris, fought several creatures and then ascended the hill continuing to fight creatures. By the time he hit the top of the hill, Johns had made the entire trip on foot, which was long by bike, had Dahl join him, locked in the node, and piloted the ship back to Riddick.

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Oblivion picture

Other mistake: When the alien drone is deciding whether to shoot or not, the screen showed that the operation system was in English. It should be in an alien language or have no language.

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Elysium picture

Other mistake: Near the beginning, Max rises and prepares to leave for work, the only scene in which we see his bare torso. As he moves toward the camera through some rather odd under-lighting, it is obvious that his six-pack abs are airbrushed.

Charles Austin Miller

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Safe Haven picture

Other mistake: When the husband breaks into the old lady's house and checks her voicemail, it says that Katie left a voicemail Monday at 11:47am. When the husband calls the restaurant, the recording says they are open from Tuesday to Sunday. So Katie shouldn't have been at work.

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Now You See Me picture

Other mistake: When Dylan is transported from the stage to "the vault", Alma, Thaddeus and Thaddeus' assistant manage to get down the stairs to "the vault" just a few seconds after he lands as if they took a simple walk there. How would they get there that fast anyway? Dylan got to "the vault" by going through a "teleportation device" that went straight to the fake vault under the stage, but the other three had to walk down a flight of stairs to get there. Even with the fake vault being close to the stage it still would take longer to get down to the fake vault. To begin with, when the vault opened, the stairs they walked down were visible several meters in the background. There were about 13 steps on the staircase which would have made the width of the staircase about 3 meters and the height about 4 meters. With the staircase at this length and position, the staircase leading to the fake vault would have had to have been located around the sitting area. Alma, Thaddeus and Thaddeus' assistant managed to get to the fake vault in about 6 seconds, too quickly. (00:36:05)

Casual Person

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Red 2 picture

Other mistake: When Katya is told that Frank was spotted in Red Square, she tells the soldier (in the English subtitles) to call out the Army - but she says, in Russian, something about Spetznaz - which Is Special Forces, not Army.


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Insidious: Chapter 2 picture

Other mistake: When Renai goes through to the baby's room, she sees a face at the window and screams. The face belongs to future Josh who is in The Further and has just knocked on the front door and is now looking through the window to left of the door. We then see Josh move back from the window and push the front door open. The front door is on the ground floor but the bedrooms are upstairs on the first floor so how could he have been seen through a window that is on a different level? (01:16:07)

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Suggested correction: The face she saw was not Josh's face, it was the man that Josh was chasing, he had already got inside before Josh even arrived at the house. And the face she saw was not in the window it was behind the canopy of the baby's crib.

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Dark Skies picture

Other mistake: In final 14 minutes, the greys are attacking the house. Several screws are "unscrewed" from the plywood. The first two are turned the wrong way, and the sound effect is of tightening. (01:23:54)

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The Host picture

Other mistake: After the Seeker says she is confident they will find Jared Howe, Melanie regains some control over her body and causes Wanderer to attack the Seeker. Seeker pins her to a tree and sprays her in the face to knock her out, as which point Wanderer falls to the side out cold. When the camera changes and pulls back, her body is in the wrong position against the tree to have fallen the way she did. The tree is close to her center with her legs out to the right of it and her torso to the left. But the way she fell, all of her should be to the left of the tree except her feet being right at it. (00:20:20)

Quantom X Premium member

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Mystery Road picture

Other mistake: During the climactic gunfight Jay Swan retreats to his car. Using his binoculars Swan looks to the left and slightly rear of his car to see Pete Bailey (who is shooting at him with a high-power rifle). Bailey fires a shot at the car and the bullet strikes the front windshield (an impossibility from that angle). (01:48:00)


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