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Frozen picture

Revealing mistake: When Anna and Hans are dancing in front of the lighthouse, we don't see the shadow of the railing or the ground they're standing on.

manthabeat Premium member

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Red 2 picture

Revealing mistake: When Han shoots at Bruce Willis and the others with the Gatling gun, we see cartridges on the ground. You can tell that they are all blanks. The tip is jagged and has been closed - live ammo just has an open hole where the bullet was.

Jacob La Cour

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Curse of Chucky picture

Revealing mistake: When Nica crawls to the elevator to escape Chucky, she bends her legs in order to shut the elevator door. She is meant to be a paraplegic and have no feeling in her legs.


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The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones picture

Revealing mistake: Early on, after Clary blasts the demon with a homemade explosion that blows a huge fireball across the kitchen and blasts out the window, there is no sign of anything being burned, not even the curtains. The kitchen is only in a slight shambles and there are small fires burning in isolated areas that never spread or char anything.

raywest Premium member

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Sharknado picture

Revealing mistake: When Fin decides to help the kids on the bus and says, "Water's rising, I'm gonna go up to the bridge and rappel down," two shots later the camera zooms in on Fin's car up on the bridge, but the problem is that this shot is shown in reverse - all the vehicles in both lanes are going backwards.

Super Grover Premium member

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World War Z picture World War Z mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When the family's car is about to be hit by the ambulance as they try to escape downtown, Gerry is driving and his wife is up, leaning over the passenger seat talking to their daughter. The camera angle changes to a view from behind, and as the ambulance is about to hit, we can see there is nobody in the car and the ambulance driver is wearing a safety helmet. This is viewable in just a few frames. (00:08:00)


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Prisoners picture

Revealing mistake: Towards the end, Jake Gyllenhaal is browsing the internet on a computer running Windows 7...despite the "no network" notification icon at the bottom right of the taskbar. (02:33:00)

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A Single Shot picture

Revealing mistake: At the end of the film when John Moon is digging a shallow grave for the dead girl (who has been dead for days, and spent additional days in a freezer also). You can see the dead girl breathing by the way her arm is moving on her chest. (01:46:00 - 01:47:00)

Ian Antcliff 1323

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Hansel & Gretel picture Hansel & Gretel mistake picture

Revealing mistake: At the dinner table when Lilith and Gretel are eating lunch with Lilith's "sons", Gretel takes a knife and stabs the boy closes to her in the hand. In the close up of the hand, it looks obviously rubber. That and there is already blood under it before the knife even hits. (00:37:25)

Quantom X Premium member

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Swindle picture

Revealing mistake: When the freeze frame for Swindel comes up, he is being interviewed and looks at the camera. When time is supposed to resume, the Channel 3 news logo moves, but Swindel on the television is still frozen for about a second for some reason.


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The Wolf of Wall Street picture Video

Revealing mistake: Naomi opens her legs in their daughter's room and tells Jordan she's not wearing panties, but she's actually wearing some, as we can see in a shot seconds later.

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Suggested correction: She is teasing him, goading him, trying to make him find out for himself whether she is going commando or not.

No, she is not. She spreads her legs and reveals to him she isn't wearing any panties and then tells him he's not allowed to touch her. What would be the point of goading him to make him wonder if she is going commando when she's very deliberately flashing her privates at him?

Phaneron Premium member

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Fast & Furious 6 picture

Revealing mistake: The truck Roman and Tej are suspended in during the runway scene has no prop shaft attached (without it, the truck won't be able to drive at all). When you look at the bottom of the truck while it's in the air, you can see where the shaft was supposed to be attached to the rear differential.

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Pacific Rim picture

Revealing mistake: In one of the first scenes, one of the characters is standing with an umbrella close to a landing helicopter - without the umbrella being the least affected by the wind.

Jacob La Cour

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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug picture

Revealing mistake: When Smaug confronts Bilbo and weaves around the gold in his lair, as the dragon asks "What else do you claim to be?" his tail passes through one of the pillars (audience's left).

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Evil Dead picture

Revealing mistake: When the teenager is kidnapped at the beginning of the movie, the gun used to knock her out never makes contact with her face.


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The Last Stand picture

Revealing mistake: When driving through the corn fields, it's obvious from the ZR1 wing mirror that the car isn't actually moving. (01:21:35)

Ssiscool Premium member

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Iron Man 3 picture

Revealing mistake: When Tony and Rhodes are on the oil tanker bunkered behind an obstacle, Tony realises his gun is empty and asks Rhodes for a new magazine. When Tony ejects the magazine you can see that it is actually an airsoft gun magazine; thus exposing that it is actually a prop gun.

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Lone Survivor picture

Revealing mistake: When Mark Wahlberg removes the shrapnel from his leg, it is pretty obvious that it is a fake leg. If you look at and compare its dimensions to the rest of his body, you can see that that would be the leg of a giant man. The thigh is way too long, and the whole leg is way too big for his body. You can also tell by his body posture that his real leg goes into the couch he is sitting on.


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