Best musical movie mistakes of 2013

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Frozen picture

Continuity mistake: When Anna and Kristoff fall off the cliff after being chased, they are still tied by the rope. When they land the rope is gone.

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Sunshine on Leith picture

Visible crew/equipment: At the start of the '500 Miles' sequence where Davy catches up with Yvonne, you can see a crew member indicating to some joggers to run into the scene on cue.

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The Harry Hill Movie picture

Continuity mistake: When Otto is sat down at his HQ, telling the Vet and Kisko that they would become steak, Otto is holding the newspaper in his hands, but in the next shot, the newspaper has disappeared, and he stands up, holding the steak. (00:20:10)

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The Devil's Violinist picture

Continuity mistake: As Charlotte and her father are hearing Paganini play the violin in their house, they walk to the stairs. As they reach it, her father's head suddenly is turned facing up the stairs.

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