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Warm Bodies picture

Nora: You miss a boyfriend. You miss your zombie boyfriend?

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Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters picture

Gretel: Let the girl go, or I'm gona blow your sheriff's brains all over these fucking hillbillies.

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The Conjuring picture

Ed Warren: The devil exists. God exists. And for us, as people, our very destiny hinges on which we decide to follow.

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Only Lovers Left Alive picture

Eve: How can you've lived for so long and still not get it? This self obsession is a waste of living. It could be spend in surviving things, appreciating nature, nurturing kindness and friendship, and dancing. You have been pretty lucky in love though, if I may say so.

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Evil Dead picture

Eric: This thing is attached to Mia's soul like a leech. If we want to help Mia... We're gonna have to kill her.

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World War Z picture

Andrew Fassbach: Mother Nature is a serial killer. She wants to get caught, she leaves bread crumbs, she leaves clues... Mother nature knows how to disguise her weakness as strength.

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Carrie picture

Sue Snell: No! Carrie, please don't hurt me.
Carrie White: Why not? I've been hurt my whole life.

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The Purge picture

Newscaster: Incoming reports show this year's Purge has been the most succesful to date, with the most murders committed.

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Sharknado picture

Fin Shepard: I always thought it would be an earthquake that would be the end of Los Angeles.
Baz Hogan: Or a meteor shower. Zombies even.
Fin Shepard: Yeah.
Baz Hogan: Black Plague. Aliens. But sharks? Come on.
Fin Shepard: Yeah. Yeah. Go figure. My luck, sharks.
Baz Hogan: Yeah, your luck. Sharks.
Nova Clarke: Mine too.

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Oculus picture

Kaylie Russell: I found it.
Tim Russell: What do you mean?
Kaylie Russell: We only have few days.
Tim Russell: A few days for what?
Kaylie Russell: To keep our promise. And kill it.

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Odd Thomas picture

Odd Thomas: A part of me knew, from the moment I saw her behind the ice cream counter, but the truth hurt too much to accept. Her death would have been one wound too many that day, and I think I would have let go of this life.

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Horns picture

Little Girl: I hate Mommy. I want to burn her in her bed with matches. I want to burn her up, all up gone.

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The Green Inferno picture

Alejandro: No matter what, keep streaming.

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Curse of Chucky picture

Chucky: [to himself] Women. Can't live with them. Period.

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Hatchet III picture

Amanda: I knew that you were real. I came to save you.

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Texas Chainsaw 3D picture

Darryl: Family's a messy business. Ain't nothing thicker than blood.

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Dark Skies picture

Daniel Barrett: How do you know all these?
Edwin Pollard: You are not alone in this.

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Hansel & Gretel Get Baked picture

Bianca: A Skittle... taste the rainbow.

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Fright Night 2: New Blood picture

Gerri Dandridge: Hey kids, did Charley tell you everything he saw in my apartment last night?

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Birdemic 2: The Resurrection picture

Tony: Hey Dr. Jones, do you have any birds I can play with?
Dr. Jones: Well, the birds that I have are... way too large and dangerous for you to play with.
Tony: So how about a smaller one?
Dr. Jones: Well I tell you what, I'll send you some lovebirds.
Tony: Sweet, I can't wait to play with them.

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