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Fast & Furious 6 picture

Factual error: In the scene where Shaw is talking to a goon while fixing his car he states the simplest things cause the most problems while holding a spark plug. We know this can't be right as Brian concludes the car is a turbo diesel like a Le Mans car, which would actually use a glow plug and not a spark plug. (00:19:50)


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Suggested correction: That's exactly the problem that Shaw is referring to, a member of his team installed the incorrect plug which caused a problem, i.e. a Spark Plug and not a Glow Plug (a simple thing, causing the problem), along with the 'good' being simple minded and causing the rest of Shaw's team a problem.

The glow plug isn't what causes combustion in a diesel like how a sparkplug does for gas. The wiring harness for a spark plug vs a glow plug is completely different and they aren't interchangeable. You can't just accidentally put a spark plug in a diesel, it doesn't work like that.

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A Good Day to Die Hard picture

Factual error: It is not plausible that the tail rotor blade of the helicopter can destroy large parts of a building without being damaged. (01:24:40)

Jacob La Cour

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The Wolf of Wall Street picture

Factual error: When Jordan tries to escape with his daughter in the Mercedes, he pulls the parking brake with his hand (a hand-type parking brake) to stop the car, but that car (Mercedes Benz SL Class R129) is only available with a foot-type parking brake, making his action impossible. (02:43:35)

Pablo Tapia Lam

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American Hustle picture

Factual error: When Bradley Cooper calls Louis C.K. he asks him, "Where are you?" Given he's just called him on his office number, rather than a carphone, he knows exactly where he is.


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Red 2 picture

Factual error: When they are in Costco there is music playing in the store. Costco does not play music in their stores.

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Prisoners picture

Factual error: The dude handcuffed to the radiator has a single piece of duct tape across his mouth maybe 8 inches in length. The sweat and oils, and somebody just moving their mouth will break the tape free from their mouth. A person can scream all they want. To properly do it properly, a ball gag like the one used in Pulp Fiction needs to be used. A piece of tape does nothing, I've taped my own mouth to try it. (00:46:30 - 00:47:30)

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Identity Thief picture

Factual error: When the real Sandy follows the other Sandy after she leaves the hair salon, the other Sandy notices she's being followed and speeds up her car. When she does that, the camera focuses on the speedometer and it shows the date and time, which don't correspond to the time the appointment was supposed to be, 3pm. The time on the clock in the car shows 9:13am and the date is shown as Tue 23 Feb. Further research shows that the last time February 23rd was on a Tuesday was in 2010.

Dustin Bates

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Gangster Squad picture

Factual error: In a scene where the nightclub singer with the tropical fruit headwear is on stage, she is singing into a classic RCA 77D microphone which is correct for the period, but in a mistake often made in movies that are set in this era, the microphone is wrongly positioned. It is leaning toward the singer when in fact this type of mic is spoken to from the side, not the end. To work correctly it was always pointed away from the singer or placed in a vertical position for side pickup. (01:06:15)


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Parker picture

Factual error: At the fair, one of the guys sets some hay on fire and the fire goes to a cage of propane tanks. They begin to explode. The explosions are way too small for full propane tanks. You can tell they are supposed to be full as several shots show the red caps on the valves are faintly visible. The red caps are kept on ones that are full and unused. (00:12:40)

Quantom X Premium member

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Devil's Knot picture

Factual error: This is set in the 90s, but in one of the scenes at Stevie's house you can see a Goodman AC unit that is a 2006-2011 model.

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2 Guns picture

Factual error: The door handles on the Challenger are the wrong handles for all makes of the Challenger in the 70s.

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Now You See Me picture

Factual error: In the final scene in Paris at the bridge with the padlocks, most of the keys tossed in the river are distinctive Kwikset brand keys. Kwikset only makes one fairly specialised type of padlock - no way all the keys are for that one type. (01:54:10)

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Kick-Ass 2 picture

Factual error: When Mindy kicks one of the guys out of the van, he lands on the windshield of the car behind them and it crumbles. Windshields are not made of safety glass, they are made of laminated glass.


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The Last Stand picture

Factual error: The southern Arizona border is shown as a river/canyon when in reality it is a straight line through the desert. (01:25:15)

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All Things to All Men picture

Factual error: The black Range Rover used throughout the movie has the wrong licence plate. The third and fourth numbers on the plate (UK spec licence plate) are '0' and '9' which refers to the vehicle as being a 2009 spec. The Range Rover used in the movie was discontinued in 2006 and was replaced with the face lifted model which the one in the movie is not.

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Mystery Road picture

Factual error: Pete Bailey states he uses a Remington 700 rifle to shoot "roos" (kangaroos). The climactic shootout begins when Jay Swan spots Bailey's truck far across the valley. We see a small puff of smoke just before a shot rings out. Two seconds later Swan is struck by the bullet fired by Bailey. Throughout the gunfight the sound of a shot is heard before the bullet arrives. This also happens during the long-range gunfight between Johnno and Bailey. Bullets fired by a high-power rifle (like the Remington 700) are supersonic so the bullet would arrive before you could hear the shot. (01:47:20)


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Getaway picture

Factual error: Throughout the movie in the car they are ramming into things such as the water truck and other cars, yet the car suffers no damage. No way would the car still be running after all of that. The water truck rear end would have decommissioned it.

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