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The Wolf of Wall Street picture Video

Revealing mistake: Naomi opens her legs in their daughter's room and tells Jordan she's not wearing panties, but she's actually wearing some, as we can see in a shot seconds later.

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Suggested correction: She is teasing him, goading him, trying to make him find out for himself whether she is going commando or not.

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Jobs picture

Revealing mistake: A reporter is interviewing Jobs using an old analogue tape deck recorder - the reporter says he's recording, and a red light is on the hand held tape deck unit, but the tape and its spools are not spinning - the unit is not switched on. (00:53:00)

Dominic Allen
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Saving Mr. Banks picture

Revealing mistake: Whenever Ralph is driving Travers in the limousine and the exterior of the car is seen in a long shot, there is no one riding in it other than the driver. From every view point of the windows that can be seen, there is no passenger inside where Travers is supposed to be seated.

raywest Premium member
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Lone Survivor picture

Revealing mistake: When Mark Wahlberg removes the shrapnel from his leg, it is pretty obvious that it is a fake leg. If you look at and compare its dimensions to the rest of his body, you can see that that would be the leg of a giant man. The thigh is way too long, and the whole leg is way too big for his body. You can also tell by his body posture that his real leg goes into the couch he is sitting on.

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