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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire picture

Other mistake: The old man executed in District 11 was shot in the head from behind. However, when Katniss looks out the window from above there are no blood stains on the floor, nor is there a gunshot wound to the head. (00:20:50 - 00:22:30)

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Frozen picture

Other mistake: Anna is shown from the front as she ascends an ice staircase inside Elsa's ice castle. There are giant ice pillars to Anna's right and left. They should reflect the side of her face, but instead the reflections show her face from the front.

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New this month Suggested correction: Those were ice walls, not the pillars.

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Monsters University picture

Other mistake: Towards the beginning of the film, the teacher counts 19 students then says one is missing, implying there are 20 (including Mike) However, Mike ends up being paired with the teacher, despite there being an even number of students and therefore everyone should have a partner.

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The Wolverine pictureThe Wolverine mistake picture

Other mistake: Wolverine shields Yashida from the blast, burning off all his hair. Somehow his pants manage to remain unaffected by this, as seen later when they are climbing from the pit.

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Man of Steel picture

Other mistake: The driver for the general at the end of the movie is referred to as captain, but is in the credits as Major Carrie Farris. (02:09:50 - 02:15:35)

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Pacific Rim picture

Other mistake: Near the end of the movie, Mako swims to the unconscious Raleigh's survival, blows the top shield of his survival pod, removes his helmet and checks for a carotid pulse...while wearing gloves. No wonder she thought he was dead.

stevewaclo Premium member
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Scooby-Doo! Stage Fright picture

Other mistake: In the hotel, the gang are putting together a list of suspects trying to figure out who the Phantom is. They mention 5 suspects, Chrissy's parents, Brick Pimiento, Mel Richmond, Dewey Ottoman, and Lotte. When they look at the list though, only 4 pictures are shown. Chrissy's parents are not there, yet they were the first to be mentioned. (00:25:35)

Quantom X Premium member
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Nebraska picture

Other mistake: When the men are watching the football game on TV between the Bears and Lions, the audio is from the Bears radio network and not from a TV broadcast.

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Planes picture

Other mistake: In the regional qualifier, there are five planes with better times than Dusty. Fonzerelli is disqualified. So... How come the other four that qualified don't show up in the big race?

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Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox picture

Other mistake: In the flashback of Bruce Wayne getting killed, his mother is cradling his body and weeping. She has his blood all over her hand from touching his wound. She rakes her fingers across his shoulder and down his chest with her bloody fingers, leaving no trail of blood, but when she places that same bloody hand on her face it leaves blood all over her face and mouth. (00:35:05)

Quantom X Premium member
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The Lone Ranger picture

Other mistake: When the Lone Ranger is on the roof of the train he shoots at Fuller, who is uncoupling the carriages. He looks back at the train and shouts something - at this point the two trains are on a bend and The Lone Ranger is just coming into view, making his shot at Fuller impossible.

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After Earth picture

Other mistake: When the ship begins to crash, Cypher Raige tries to calm Kitai down and is violently pushed to the far left by the force of the ship accelerating. However, less than a few seconds later, the camera shows that to Kitai's right, the force is now tearing the back end of the ship apart and sucking people outside. This is contradictory because the massive air current resulting from the ship's acceleration would have either sucked everyone, including Cypher Raige, outside, or it would have pushed them inward, which we see with Cypher Raige. There is no way for the force to suddenly change directions within the same area of the ship.

Elizabeth Mehling
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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty picture

Other mistake: When Sean Penn is about to let Ben Stiller look through his camera at the 'Ghost Cat' he bumps the camera. They are very far away from the animal and any bump of the camera would A) be immediately noticed by the worlds best photographer and B) move the subject very far out of frame.

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Star Trek Into Darkness picture

Other mistake: As Kirk realigns the warp core to restore power and save the USS Enterprise from crashing to Earth, Sulu tells Spock: "Without power, we'll incinerate on re-entry." It shows Kirk restoring power after it plummets below the clouds, which is well beyond the point where they would have been incinerated.

tedloveslisa Premium member
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Suggested correction: Kirk restores the power before the ship goes below the clouds, they were using the thrusters to slow their descent way before they broke the cloud barrier.

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Thor: The Dark World picture

Other mistake: When Kursed Algrim stabs Frigga, the sword goes in but doesn't come out.

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The Croods picture

Other mistake: The head of the animal that Guy is wearing when he first meets Eep is not positioned in a way that he would be able to see out of it when he holds his hands up to defend himself.

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Oblivion picture

Other mistake: When the alien drone is deciding whether to shoot or not, the screen showed that the operation system was in English. It should be in an alien language or have no language.

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