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Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries picture

Show generally

Factual error: The snub nosed revolver used by Miss Fisher, a J-Frame S&W, was not produced until 1950.

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The Scientist - S2-E8

Factual error: There is no way Laurel Lance would have been allowed on the prosecution team for Moira Queen's murder trial. Due to the facts that she used to date the defendant's son, the defendant's daughter used to intern for her, and her boyfriend was one of the people killed in the Glades it would have taken all of two seconds for the court to have her removed if she didn't willingly recuse herself, since her presence would be a major conflict of interest. Laurel also was Oliver's lawyer when he was on trial in season 1, which also wouldn't be allowed.

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Carcasses - S2-E2

Factual error: Several times firearms registration is mentioned, but Wyoming has basically no gun laws. No registration is required, and no concealed carry permits are required.

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Pledge - S7-E3

Factual error: Waterloo County Fair labeling shown at least twice. Waterloo is not a county. Black Hawk is the county and Waterloo is the city in Black Hawk County.

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Show generally

Factual error: The battalion commander wears the correct crown and pip of a lieutenant-colonel, but the four cuff rings of a full colonel (lieutenant-colonels wore three).

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One Step Too Many - S2-E6

Factual error: The General wants to do his interview by the TV so he can watch March Madness at the same time. When the interview is about to begin, it shows a Kentucky game being played on Kentucky's home court. Teams cannot play on their own court during the NCAA Tournament. (00:40:50)

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Show generally

Factual error: Noticed this watching season 2, and I assume it was also the case in season 1. The entrance of the Miramar Playa has flags from various countries flying. One of them is the Canadian flag with the maple leaf. Wrong flag. In that period the Canadian flag was the "Red Ensign", or "Dominion Flag." The maple leaf flag wasn't introduced until 1965.

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Darth Vader vs. Gandalf - S1-E2

Factual error: When Gandalf is first shown, it says that Lord of the Rings is the third bestselling novel of all time. At the time of filming (and still in 2013) The Lord of the Rings was the second bestselling novel of all time. (00:01:40)

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Memorial Day - S2-E21

Factual error: When the presidents are coming together, there are pictures being taken with flash photography, which would not be possible in a world without electricity. (00:34:15)

Mike Walker
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Restless picture

Show generally

Factual error: Whenever the Stars and Stripes is shown it is the modern 50-star version, not the wartime 48-star version as it should be.

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What Use Our Work? - S1-E8

Factual error: When reading out the list of the day's crimes, Artherton mentions two "teenaged" girls. Use of this term is not recorded in America until the 1920s and in Britain until the late 1940s. The series is set in 1889 and the speech used by the characters is consistently very much the speech of the time - it has not been updated for modern understanding.

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Fruit Picking Day/Daniel Is Big Enough to Help Dad - S1-E11

Factual error: Daniel's dad glues and screws the door bell button to Daniel's treehouse. He does not connect any wires to it or anything of the sorts, nor is there a power source to the tree house. Yet he pushes the button and the bell rings loudly. It is too small to house batteries or a speaker on its own. And the bell was electronic sounding.

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One Watson, One Holmes - S3-E19

Factual error: In the scene in the hospital, the guy who drove his motorbike into a van has an IV canula in his right hand, but the IV pole and the IV bag are on the left side of the bed, which means the IV line has to be long enough to go up to the bedhead, then behind the bedhead and then up to the bag, leaving no way to check for air bubbles.

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Season 3 generally

Factual error: The term 'WPC' (Woman Police Constable) is used for female constables in official documentation. This term has not been used for many years. All constables are now just 'PC' (Police Constable).

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Pilot - S1-E1

Factual error: When Susan is sorting Ruth's things, she finds Gordon's iPhone wrapped in a newspaper from 1994 with her voice-mail to him and realizes he went back in time, where Ruth killed him and took the phone from his corpse. Even if the phone had been turned off, after 16 years idle, the battery would have died long ago, but we see the phone is on with her message waiting. (00:55:50 - 00:56:45)

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Simon - S1-E2

Factual error: Thomas holds the Gendarmerie rank of Capitaine (by which he is frequently addressed by his subordinates), and thus should wear three horizontal silver bars on his epaulettes. However, in the only scene where his rank is displayed he instead wears the two chevrons of an ordinary gendarme.

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Family Time - S1-E9

Factual error: In the barn, one of the kids shoots Cameron, then drops the gun and flees. Cameron picks up the gun and checks how many rounds are in the magazine and then puts the magazine back in. However, after that, she pulls the slide back to chamber a round. But the semi-automatic pistol would already have a round in the chamber since it was just fired, and her action should have ejected an unspent round, which it doesn't.

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Welcome to Brickleberry - S1-E1

Factual error: Malloy has been missing all day and is starving from not eating. Yet his cheeks are sunk in like he hasn't ate for weeks. Your face doesn't get like that after not eating for a day.

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Pylon - S6-E1

Factual error: The Austin 1100 police car has a northern Irish number plate, despite being set in Oxfordshire.

eric 64
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A Volatile Mixture - S7-E5

Factual error: In the scene at O'Hara airport the paramedics meetup with a TSA officer. The TSA officer has a gun as a part of his uniform. TSA officers do not carry firearms. In addition, the CBP officer in the scene does not have on a proper CBP uniform. The CBP officer uniform has rank epaulets and officer has no epaulets, and the CBP uniform doesn't have a bar tie clip and the gun belt buckle is brass not stainless metal. (00:42:00)

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