Best TV character mistakes of 2012

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Longmire picture

Season 3 generally

Character mistake: Throughout season 3, whenever someone visits Henry in prison, the word "VISITOR" on their visitor tags is misspelled as "VISTOR."

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Al Sah-Him - S3-E21

Character mistake: Diggle turns to Nyssa and says "I think what she's trying to say is, Oliver would never do anything to hurt you, Felicity," incorrectly addressing Nyssa as "Felicity." (00:14:00)

Jessie Lynn Starborne
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Death at Victoria Dock - S1-E4

Character mistake: Fisher refers to some characters as speaking "a Slavic language." The characters are Latvian anarchists. Lettish (aka Latvian) is a Baltic language, not Slavic.

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Possibility Two - S1-E17

Character mistake: They are in the interrogation room questioning the fiancé of the scientist Natasha when the captain says, "the blood we found at the scene of your fiance's murder, it didn't belong to Bobby Cordero." The characters name was Benny Cordero, which the captain says correctly a few lines later. (00:33:25)

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Caleidoscope - S2-E4

Character mistake: The chess set in Dr. Pierce's home office is set up incorrectly. When the men are set up properly, each player has a light colored square in the right-hand corner. The board as it appears in the show is set up so that the light-colored square is in each player's left-hand corner. This "beginner" mistake puts the king and queen in the wrong positions.

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Annette Castellano Is My Nemesis - S3-E2

Character mistake: At the end of the episode, Danny says "Can we not do this in front of Bernard King?" referring to a poster on the wall of Danny's childhood bedroom. We can see the player in the poster is wearing the number 15 and is actually Earl Monroe, not Bernard King who wore the number 30.

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Second Time - S2-E13

Character mistake: When Kiera is begging one of the Freelancers to send her back she says she could "prevent Liber8 from ever coming to 2077." She should have either said "coming to 2012" or "leaving 2077."

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Transformers (Lost episode) - S1-E7

Character mistake: When Donnie turns to the cameraman, Carl, and asks if he liked the film they just made, he responds in a normal American accent. Carl has been established in the series as German with a thick German accent, and the actor playing him, Rob, either forgot to use the accent or just didn't at that moment with them forgetting to change the audio in post. (00:03:55)

Quantom X Premium member
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No Such Thing as Bad Luck - S7-E18

Character mistake: At the formal awards ceremony for Cruz the Police officers and Cruz are in dress uniform with their covers on. Serveride joins them on stage in uniform without his cover on and salutes Cruz. Serveride should have known to have on his cover for the ceremony. (00:58:00)

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