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The Hunger Games picture

Other mistake: The video stream displayed in the night sky showing which tributes have died after the first day does not add up correctly. They display in district order. We see the start, the girl from three (so the boy is still alive), and the boy from four with no breaks. Then they break away to show Katniss and the control room, after which they continuously show the boy and girl from seven, the boy from eight (so the girl is still alive), the girl from nine (so the boy is still alive), and then fade to the end. We know that Foxface, the girl from five, dies later in the movie. Even if we assume that during the portion not shown, the girl from four, the boy from five, and both tributes from six are dead, that's only a total of ten. Thirteen are supposed to be dead at that point in the movie. (01:16:20)

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Skyfall picture

Other mistake: In the opening scene where Moneypenny is holding the rifle, you can see the flash suppressor was installed upside down. The 'slots' are on the bottom. (00:10:35)

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The Dark Knight Rises picture

Other mistake: During the fight later in the movie, when Batman stops Bane's henchmen from executing Blake, during a shot of Catwoman crouching, one of the henchmen behind her on the left of the screen just falls backwards, seemingly without being harmed in any way. If you look at the fight closely, it seems that it could have been intended for him to be the victim of an accidental gunshot to the leg that ended up not being followed through in post production.

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Taken 2 picture

Other mistake: Bryan's daughter Kim has an iPhone - when you see the phone she has no signal, but is able to make calls from the phone. This happens twice.

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Total Recall picture

Other mistake: When Melina picks up Quaid on "I19", the car seat is an integral part of the door. When Quaid gets out of the car after crashing on the street, the seat is an integral part of the chassis.

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Cleanskin picture

Other mistake: There is scene in which the assassin is mocking the young would-be suicide bomber and his friend for eating with knives and forks whilst he eats using his hand to pick up the food. However, he eats with his left hand which is absolutely forbidden under Islam. All Muslims eat with their right hands unless they are unable to eat with it (for example if they have a broken arm).

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The Bourne Legacy picture

Other mistake: When Aaron Cross watches the wolf pack take down a caribou early in the movie, and we get a through the scope view. Amazingly he does this with the lens covers closed.

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Resident Evil: Retribution picture

Other mistake: When Alice pushes in the new magazine, she doesn't pull back on the slide, meaning the gun doesn't have a new bullet in the chamber, thus is unable to shoot.

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Killing Them Softly picture

Other mistake: When Mickey gets shot there is a close-up of the pistol.The empty shell casings coming out in slow motion are from blank rounds.

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Red Lights picture

Other mistake: In the scene where Tom Buckley allows Dr. Matheson's son to be allowed to die, the shot of the heart monitor (DVD time 1:47:17) shows a beating heart rhythm but the heart rate on the right of the monitor indicates "0" beats per minute - this is before the heart beat waveform stops beating and goes flatline. Within seconds, while the heart beat monitor shows flatline, the heart rate number on the right side of the monitor changes to 188. (01:47:15)

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Safe House picture

Other mistake: Twice during the film the words "C.I.A Headquarters." appears in the bottom of the screen. This is a grammatical mistake as the filmmakers forgot the third period/dot after the "A" in "C.I.A."

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Collision Course picture

New this month Other mistake: After the medical student leaves the unconscious co-pilot to one of the other passengers to watch while he goes to the bathroom, she notices his hands grow cold after a bit. It is only then they realise he has stopped breathing, and then get a defibrillator out and are successfully able to use it to revive him with CPR as well. However if he has stopped breathing for long enough that his hands have started to get cold, he would already be way too far gone to be able to be revived.

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The Cold Light of Day picture

Other mistake: When Will is in the club and Lucia's friend is checking his wound she feels around to see if the bullet is still inside his body. She says the bullet is not there so cauterises the wound. Will does not have an exit wound so the bullet must, therefore, still be inside.

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Man on a Ledge picture

Other mistake: When Nick Cassidy climbs onto the roof, he somehow injures his leg, but moments later, he's running at full speed. (01:24:00)

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The Devil Inside picture

Other mistake: After the daughter visited with her mother for the first time, she is reviewing the footage with the priests. No such camera angles were taken for what they reviewed, only an overhead room camera would have been available.

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The Impossible picture

Other mistake: In hospital, Maria's oxygen mask has a kink in the line near her mouth, which would mean she wouldn't be getting any oxygen at all - or very little.

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