Best sci-fi movie visible crew/equipment of 2012

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Visible crew/equipment: A reflector screen is visible on Hawkeye's sunglasses at the very end when Thor and a restrained Loki are returning, presumably, to Asgard. (02:06:10)

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The Hunger Games picture

Visible crew/equipment: After Katniss has destroyed the stockpile at Cornucopia, she runs back into the forest and stops to whistle to the mockingjay and signal Rue. In the wide shot you can very see a blue marker for where she needed to stop.

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Looper picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Joe drives his red car and stops by his friend's bike, a huge white lighting screen is reflected on the car's hood.

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Battleship picture

Visible crew/equipment: Sam and Mick are watching the John Paul Jones sink. A reflector screen is seen on Mick's binoculars. (01:36:15)

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Dredd picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Judge Dredd says: "Thanks for the heads up", you can see that the gun he is holding is a rubber stunt prop: you can tell because the front end is sealed shut when it should be open. Also, the barrel is thicker, certain details are missing, etc.

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Men in Black III picture

Visible crew/equipment: After J arrives in 1969 and stands on the sidewalk at the Empire State Building, look at the doors behind him. As they close and open, the lighting rigs are reflected.

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