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The Iceman picture

Factual error: Kuklinski is looking at a newspaper which is dated January 3rd 1983, and the text reads that Roy DeMeo was found dead the previous day. In actuality, Roy DeMeo died on January 10th 1983. (01:22:55)

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Cockneys vs Zombies picture

Revealing mistake: When Ray reminisces about having fought the Germans in WW2, a flashback is shown with him fighting in a bunker. He is carrying a No.4 Lee-Enfield rifle which requires the bolt to be worked after every shot to reload. However, he is shown firing two shots in rapid succession without moving his hands at all, revealing the shots to just be flashes added after filming.

Andrew Upton

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On the Other Side of the Tracks picture

Continuity mistake: While he is copulating with Laurence, Fran├žois Monge receives a phone call from his boss about the murder case in Bobigny. To shush his vocal partner, he gives her a slap on the shoulder, but he does it with the right hand in the view from behind, and the left hand in the full frontal. (00:08:55)

Sammo Premium member

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Le Chef picture

Continuity mistake: Alexandre Lagarde puts his fork into the plate of the attractive client, much to the scorn of her husband. The morsel in close-up and the one she actually puts in her mouth are different. (00:06:10)

Sammo Premium member

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Extraction picture

Continuity mistake: Tom walks into Anthony's memory. Anthony is sitting by the pool next to a table with two glasses of beer, which are 1/3rd empty. A few minutes later the memory is replayed, but this time both beer glasses are mostly full. (00:49:50 - 00:58:35)

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Seven Psychopaths picture

Continuity mistake: In the car after Martin tells Hans about the throat slitting story, Billy and him get into an argument about the violence of the story. Billy says "It's going to be violent, it's about seven fucking psychopaths!" Martin then says "Hey!" But you can see in the back seat his mouth doesn't move for that. Then it cuts to a close up of Martin and his head is in a different position, facing Billy where he was looking out the window a moment before. (00:58:05)

Quantom X Premium member

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Burn picture

Continuity mistake: Sheila is clutching the phone to her chest with both hands, since Melinda is reaching for it to delete the butt-flexing video. The door chimes and the bearded man enters the store; in the foreground Sheila is in a different position with her arms crossed, and in a third one with her arms down at the next cut. And even more noticeable, a 4th different one as she walks away, holding the phone across the chest to the opposite side of her body all of a sudden. (00:07:50)

Sammo Premium member

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The Frozen picture

Continuity mistake: After Mike has set the tent up they go for a ride on their snowmobile to check the scenery out. They come uphill parking the snowmobile facing upwards. They get up looking at the scenery, and a few shots later the snowmobile has suddenly turned 180 degrees facing downhill. (00:13:40)


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The Perks of Being a Wallflower picture

Revealing mistake: Right at the end of the film when Sam, Patrick and Charlie are driving through the tunnel, when Charlie begins to stand up on the back of the truck, look slightly beneath his flapping jacket and you can see the safety wires attached to him.

Liam D

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Promised Land picture

Factual error: The movie changes between a basketball season and a playoff basketball game then to a baseball game being played in what looks like early summer...back to a team getting ready for the basketball playoffs. The two seasons don't overlap.

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Game Change picture

Character mistake: It's said in the movie a vice presidential candidate never gave a concession speech. Geraldine Ferraro did this in 1984.


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Silent Night picture

Continuity mistake: When Sheriff Cooper writes "Karsson" and underlines it on the chalkboard, the way it is written changes between shots. In one particular shot, the line he underlined it with is suddenly rubbed out.


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Playdate picture

Continuity mistake: When the mother breaks the window to enter the neighbor's house the next frame shows the glass still intact. (01:07:00)


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Safe picture

Continuity mistake: When Luke grabs a beer from the mini bar in the hotel, there's a lot of beer foam in the top of the bottle. In the next shot, when Luke's sitting on the bed, the foam is gone without taking a first sip.


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Blood Money picture

Factual error: Close up, very detailed footage of a Cobra citizens band radio is used for the scenes where dispatch radio traffic is coming over the police radio. Police dispatch does not, nor has it ever, used the Citizen's Band radio service. (00:11:25)


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Divorce Invitation picture

Revealing mistake: Lazy prop department at work in the opening credits of this movie; look at the guest list. The second page and the first page are an exact copy and paste of the same names and addresses. (00:01:35)

Sammo Premium member

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Liberal Arts picture Liberal Arts mistake picture

Other mistake: During the end credits, there's a misspelling. An 's' is missing from 'First Assitant Camera'. (01:33:05)


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Aladdin and the Death Lamp picture

Other mistake: Aladdin slices off one head of the monster in the tomb. The body spurts copious amounts of blood and the severed head even bounces on him repeatedly, but Aladdin's shirt is immaculate afterwards. (00:04:40)

Sammo Premium member

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