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The Master picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Joaquin Phoenix's character is walking between a heavily wood-paneled wall and a window and banging on them: The first time he bangs on the paneling, one of the panels appears to split and swivel up showing white underneath. The camera briefly changes angles. When the camera returns to Joaquin Phoenix, the split panel is fixed.

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The Possession picture

Audio problem: When Emily picks up the tooth from the box, she says "ew" but if you look in the mirror her lips don't move.


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Red Dawn picture

Continuity mistake: When the Wolverines are attempting to get "the box", the Matt Eckert character is shooting through a window. When we see his point of view, there are blinds in the way of the camera, however every time it shows the actor, the blinds are open.

manthabeat Premium member

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The Vow picture

Continuity mistake: In the very beginning, the truck that hits the vehicle does so from straight behind. However, when they pan out, someone the truck is perpendicular to the crashed car. The snow tracks don't show the car that was hit swerving, and there aren't any tracks to show that the truck reversed either.

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The Guilt Trip picture

Factual error: The movie is set in the current time (2012), but Andy flies in an L1011 in the distinctive paint scheme of Delta Air Lines. Delta retired the last of their L1011 fleet in 2001.

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Big Miracle picture

Factual error: In one scene Drew Barrymore stands in from of a political world map, showing the political borders as of today. You can see the successor countries of the Soviet Union in that map. But the plot plays back in 1988, with the Soviet Union still alive.

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Love Never Dies picture

Other mistake: When Christine is shot near the end of the film, there's no blood on her dress or the Phantom's hands.

Cubs Fan

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The Company You Keep picture

Factual error: In the scene where Robert Redford is hiding in his car in dealer's lot, the FBI say they have him tracked and located, "Got him. Just off I-94 near Gurnee, IL." Redford may be in Gurnee, but the local police speeding to catch him are not: The area around Gurnee is flat as a pancake, yet the police drive by many tall hills and/or small mountains. (01:09:00)

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John Dies at the End picture

Factual error: When Dave shoots Justin 8 times, he empties the magazine of his semi-auto handgun, but he continues pulling the trigger, and the gun clicks several times. Semi-auto handguns do not "click" when they are empty, because it's impossible to pull the trigger. Also, the slide of Dave's handgun does not lock in the open position when the magazine is empty, as it should.

Charles Austin Miller

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Fire with Fire picture

Continuity mistake: When Jeremy and the cop girl are shooting for practice, the amount of cans changes between shots.

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The Baytown Outlaws picture

Continuity mistake: Celeste's white Honda (Alabama plate #LF8VN3D) is riddled with bullets right after she drives up to the cabin, but there aren't any bullet holes later after the police show up. (01:26:00 - 01:45:00)

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When the Lights Went Out picture

Continuity mistake: At the end, the heater is on a chair when Sally chucks the locket on to it. After the spirit has been banished the heater is now on the floor.

Ssiscool Premium member

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41 (2012)

41 picture

Plot hole: In this Australian time-travel fantasy, a college student discovers a one-way time portal that allows him to travel one day into the past each time he uses it. While he at first attempts to rescue his girlfriend from a traffic accident that occurred a day earlier, he eventually travels back 50 years (one day at a time) to save his young grandfather. However, in order to go back 50 years (one day at a time), he'd have to repeatedly climb through the portal over 18,000 times. Apparently, it's not an issue, because the movie just glosses right over it in less than a minute.

Charles Austin Miller

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Arbitrage picture

Continuity mistake: Near the end, Robert and Jimmy are at an outdoor cafe, drinking coffee; Robert raises up his cup, but, in the next shot, the cup is down again, on the table.


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Resolution picture

Character mistake: When Michael goes to the antique shop, the sign out front is spelled wrong; it reads "anitques."

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The Brass Teapot picture

Continuity mistake: The alarm clock chimes; Juno Temple reaches up with her left hand, putting it on the upper part of the pillow. Michael Angarano crawls over her to turn the alarm off, but she's napping with her hand by her chin, on the bottom corner of the pillow. (00:02:40)

Sammo Premium member

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A Thousand Words picture

Continuity mistake: When Eddie Murphy's assistant makes assumptions about why Jack isn't speaking, he throws his notepad down and has empty hands as Jack pushes him out of the office. When the angle changes, he has a notepad in his right hand.

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Demon Messenger picture

Audio problem: Throughout the entire film, much of the audio is inaudible, and in several key scenes (including most scenes set in cars), you can hear a loud sort-of "crunchy" and windy sound from the microphone.

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Collision Course picture

Other mistake: After the medical student leaves the unconscious co-pilot to one of the other passengers to watch while he goes to the bathroom, she notices his hands grow cold after a bit. It is only then they realise he has stopped breathing, and then get a defibrillator out and are successfully able to use it to revive him with CPR as well. However if he has stopped breathing for long enough that his hands have started to get cold, he would already be way too far gone to be able to be revived.

Quantom X Premium member

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