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Chronicle picture

Revealing mistake: When the three characters are playing with legos and Matt is told to start playing music from his ipod, you can see that the sound is off and the ipod is paused when the music is apparently playing.

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The Campaign picture

Continuity mistake: When they show the two new dogs, they are both standing, in the next shot, one is seen sitting down and the other one is already sitting.


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The Raven picture

Continuity mistake: When Poe is talking to the news paper editor, the ink pen on the book changes form there to not there, then to two pens then gone again. It at first looked like a yellow pencil which caught my eye, that is where I caught these mistakes.

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St. George's Day picture

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene, Frank Harper is seen getting in to a dark blue 1997 R reg Jaguar driven by Craig Fairbrass. After driving for a bit and a conversation they exit the vehicle and set light to the car. As it starts to burn and they walk away, you can see that the car is now a dark green 1996 N reg Jaguar.


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Cloud Atlas picture

Factual error: The Asian girl in the future was wearing her collar with termination charge for a very long time around her neck. When it was removed there was no mark, tan line, or indention or anything left behind, as if it had never been there. Yet all evidence points to years of endless wearing. (01:00:00)

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What to Expect When You're Expecting picture

Other mistake: At the end of the movie when all the new dads are hanging out, Davis misses catching his beer and it hits Jordan in the face. All the dads run to the edge of the stairs no longer carrying any of their babies from a few seconds earlier.


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Sinister picture

Deliberate mistake: Nearly every night scene inside the house is lit by very bright lights shining in the windows from outside. Yet every time anyone is outside the house, it's still just as dark. There is no light source from which these lights could possibly originate.

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Quartet picture

Continuity mistake: The purse strap moves between multiple shots in the scene in the chapel (mid way through film), while a conversation's going on.

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Red Lights picture

Other mistake: In the scene where Tom Buckley allows Dr. Matheson's son to be allowed to die, the shot of the heart monitor (DVD time 1:47:17) shows a beating heart rhythm but the heart rate on the right of the monitor indicates "0" beats per minute - this is before the heart beat waveform stops beating and goes flatline. Within seconds, while the heart beat monitor shows flatline, the heart rate number on the right side of the monitor changes to 188. (01:47:15)

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Seeking a Friend for the End of the World picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Dodge and Penny enters Olivia's last known residence, Penny one of the door windows. She then gets access to the door lock on the inside and she opens the door. As Penny and Dodge enters, it is visible that the window is broken. This is shown both in the first and second shot. At the third shot it is easily noticeable that the same window behind them has been magically repaired, and is in a normal, unbroken condition. The fourth shot shows that the window is again broken. (01:03:45)


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Mirror Mirror picture

Continuity mistake: In the first close-up shot when the Prince's aide is complaining about the salmon-pink clothes the Queen has given him to wear, his collar is buttoned closed. In the next close-up shot it is open with silver hook and eyes visible. In the third close-up shot it is buttoned closed again.

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The First Time picture

Continuity mistake: After Dave leaves the party that he and his friends go to after the movies, he's driving in the car. His phone is in the passenger seat and he gets a text message, the time reads 1:57. The shot changes to a close up on his face and when it changes back he picks up the phone and the time now reads 11:15.


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Life of Pi picture Life of Pi mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After Pi Patel first meets Anandi in the dance class, he is shown looking at her in the market place. There is a little girl sitting next to the flower seller. She doesn't have any flowers in her hair in the first shot, when the shot changes to Pi and then shows Anandi the little girl now has a flower in her hair . (00:27:55)

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Hope Springs picture

Continuity mistake: When Arnold comes home after work, he always parks next to Kay's car in the driveway. As he does on the night Kay tells him they are going to the therapist's office. He is undecided about the trip and doesn't act to join her until after she leaves. Yet, when the taxi arrives to pick up Kay, there are no cars in the driveway.


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The Cold Light of Day picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Will is wounded and riding on the back of a moped with Lucia, Jean steps out of her vehicle to try and shoot Will. At this time, she is wearing her black sunglasses as she points a pistol at Will. A Spanish cop steps in the way, and she can't take the shot. Her glasses are still on. In the next shot with her, she is watching them ride away and she looks disappointed, sunglasses still on. Shot cuts to Will and Lucia escaping, and then back to Jean. Jean is still in the same position with same look on her face, but suddenly she is not wearing her sunglasses. She shakes her head and says "Lucky" while putting on her sunglasses now, as if for the first time. (00:48:35)

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The Sapphires picture

Factual error: In the scene where Dave is playing cards with soldiers, some of the paper money being gambled is a design of U.S. money not introduced until about 30 years later.

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Hitchcock picture

Factual error: When Alma and Whit drive along the coast, the road has recessed center line reflectors. These hadn't been invented yet in 1959 when the movie takes place.

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Magic Mike picture

Other mistake: When Dallas is stripping he turns around to face the camera and breaks the strap of his g-string. In The next camera position of the same scene, his g-string is fully intact . (01:40:40)

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One for the Money picture

Factual error: When Ranger takes Stephanie to buy a gun, the one she gets is a 5-shooter, but in the scene where she is firing it at the gun range by herself she shoots it 12 times without reloading. Later, in the scene where she shoots Jimmy Alpha, she fires it 7 times without reloading.

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The Five-Year Engagement picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Tom is tasting wedding cakes he is sitting at a table with a blue box cake with white bow, but in the next shot a lady then places the cake on the table.


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