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Django Unchained picture

Other mistake: When we see the "regulators" riding over the hill on the way to kill Django and Schultz, if you look carefully at the right-center portion of screen, you can see one of the stuntmen fall off his horse and the horse continues to run down the hill without him. To make matters even worse, it appears the stuntman rolls right in front of another horse and gets trampled. (00:41:00)

Spencer Crouse Premium member
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The Hunger Games picture

Other mistake: The video stream displayed in the night sky showing which tributes have died after the first day does not add up correctly. They display in district order. We see the start, the girl from three (so the boy is still alive), and the boy from four with no breaks. Then they break away to show Katniss and the control room, after which they continuously show the boy and girl from seven, the boy from eight (so the girl is still alive), the girl from nine (so the boy is still alive), and then fade to the end. We know that Foxface, the girl from five, dies later in the movie. Even if we assume that during the portion not shown, the girl from four, the boy from five, and both tributes from six are dead, that's only a total of ten. Thirteen are supposed to be dead at that point in the movie. (01:16:20)

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Silver Linings Playbook picture

Other mistake: In Tiffany's converted garage, Tiffany says she's thinking of putting in a ballet bar, but there's one there already right next to the big mirror, where it's supposed to be.

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 picture

Other mistake: Neither Edward nor Bella are sparkling at the very end of the movie in the sunny scene in the meadow of purple flowers, as the vampires are supposed to. (01:40:00)

Tricia Webster Premium member
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Taken 2 picture

Other mistake: Bryan's daughter Kim has an iPhone - when you see the phone she has no signal, but is able to make calls from the phone. This happens twice.

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Lawless picture

Other mistake: Jack takes the moonshine to Floyd Banner and sells 200 gallons @ $5 a gallon, ie. $1,000. When he gives the money to Forrest he tells him it's $2,000 minus his commission.

Dr Coop
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Cleanskin picture

Other mistake: There is scene in which the assassin is mocking the young would-be suicide bomber and his friend for eating with knives and forks whilst he eats using his hand to pick up the food. However, he eats with his left hand which is absolutely forbidden under Islam. All Muslims eat with their right hands unless they are unable to eat with it (for example if they have a broken arm).

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Trouble with the Curve picture

Other mistake: While Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams are sitting in the restaurant two guys walk in the door Just a couple of seconds later the same two guys walk through the door again.

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Flight picture

Other mistake: Before the plane goes berserk, Whip decides to level off, to reach good air, but the altimeter keeps rising and the co-pilot is sitting at an angle, as he would if the were still climbing, but Whip is sitting in a level position, as he would if they were levelling off.

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What to Expect When You're Expecting picture

Other mistake: At the end of the movie when all the new dads are hanging out, Davis misses catching his beer and it hits Jordan in the face. All the dads run to the edge of the stairs no longer carrying any of their babies from a few seconds earlier.

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The Odd Life Of Timothy Green picture

Other mistake: As Jim and Cindy Green and their "son" Timothy enter a hospital room where Uncle Bub lay dying, the clock on the wall shows 7:39. Two minutes later, the clock still shows 7:39.

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Jack Reacher picture

Other mistake: In the scene where James Barr is shown shooting the four men during the war his rifle movement is inconsistent with where the targets were. He took aim at the man furthest away in a line. His rifle would have to move down as he shot each person moving down the line. Instead his rifle moves down then up and up again etc. Even if the targets decided to run after the first shot the rifle movement is inconsistent.

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Love Never Dies picture

Other mistake: When Christine is shot near the end of the film, there's no blood on her dress or the Phantom's hands.

Cubs Fan
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The Impossible picture

Other mistake: In hospital, Maria's oxygen mask has a kink in the line near her mouth, which would mean she wouldn't be getting any oxygen at all - or very little.

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Rust and Bone picture

Other mistake: When Ali first carries Stephanie to swim in the sea, she is wearing a bra, but only removes a T-shirt in the water. (00:41:35)

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Collision Course picture

Other mistake: After the medical student leaves the unconscious co-pilot to one of the other passengers to watch while he goes to the bathroom, she notices his hands grow cold after a bit. It is only then they realise he has stopped breathing, and then get a defibrillator out and are successfully able to use it to revive him with CPR as well. However if he has stopped breathing for long enough that his hands have started to get cold, he would already be way too far gone to be able to be revived.

Quantom X Premium member
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Moonrise Kingdom picture

Other mistake: When the narrator holds up the wind speed gauge at the water's edge, strong whitecaps should have been visible to match the 22MPH indicated.

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Good Deeds picture

Other mistake: In the scene when Lindsey picks up her paycheck, the check is not signed.

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The Perks of Being a Wallflower picture

Other mistake: When Emma Watson says "get wasted all the time", her British accent is very obvious, especially when she says "all."

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Liberal Arts pictureLiberal Arts mistake picture

Other mistake: During the end credits, there's a misspelling. An 's' is missing from 'First Assitant Camera'. (01:33:05)

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