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The Dark Knight Rises picture

Trivia: Comedic actor Thomas Lennon has a small role as the doctor Bruce sees for a check-up before he visits Gordon. Lennon previously played a similar role in director Christopher Nolan's "Memento" (as the doctor the character Sammy Jenkis visits). Lennon stated that Nolan specifically wanted him for the role of the doctor in this film, and has speculated that perhaps Nolan considers them to be the same character.

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Pusher picture

Trivia: When the deal goes bust after the cops arrive, Frank takes off running. He pushes a guy over some railings and you hear the iconic Wilhelm scream. (00:26:55)

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The Sweeney picture

Trivia: The car chase at the end involves a Ford and a Jaguar, an homage to the TV series where Reagan and Carter would drive a Ford Granada and the villain a classic Mk 2 Jaguar.

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