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The Dictator picture

Revealing mistake: When Aladeen tries to jump the fence of the UN, a hearing device is seen in actor Sacha Baron Coen's ear.

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Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted picture

Revealing mistake: When Alex says they should go find the penguins, he says "To home" and Marty, Melman, Gloria and Julien place their hands on top of his hand. In the next shot it shows all of them together. But due to the position of Julien and his arm length, it would have been impossible for Julien to have his hand fully placed on Alex's hand. (00:05:05)

Casual Person
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Men in Black III picture

Revealing mistake: When the movie starts and J is about to neuralyze the people, the skyline on the background is a blatant backdrop. (00:06:10)

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Rock of Ages picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene where "More Than Words/Heaven" is sung, there is a montage of shots of Drew playing guitar on stage and Sherrie singing outside. One of the shots of Drew has been horizontally flipped - in it he's now playing guitar left-handed and his "The Bourbon Room" T-shirt has the logo back-to-front.

DVD Smith
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Ice Age 4: Continental Drift picture

Revealing mistake: When Scrat removes the giant acorn in Scratlantis the city is immediately flooded. Everyone in the background is blown away by the sudden rush of water. However, both Scrat in the background and Scrat's host (slightly off-camera) in the foreground don't move and don't seem to be affected by extremely strong flow. (01:18:50)

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Frankenweenie picture

Revealing mistake: When Sparky's tail pops off there is a hole where it popped off. But when the tail goes into the bucket the hole is gone.

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Wreck-It Ralph picture

Revealing mistake: When Ralph returns to the penthouse after destroying Vanellope's kart, he goes out onto the balcony and we can see the corner of the 'OUT OF ORDER' sign reflected on the window to Ralph's left. The piece of tape is missing in the reflection.

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Foodfight! picture

Revealing mistake: In the laboratory, when Dex tells the doctor he needs him to analyse what he borrowed from Lady X, it is apparent that when Dex first shows it the doctor, there is nothing in his hand. He just appears to be pretending to hold something. It is not until two shots later, that the object he shows to the doctor is visibly in his hand. (00:37:25)

Casual Person
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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days picture

Revealing mistake: When Frank is unplugging the power cables from the T.V. He says "I will, I can, I am" you can see Greg mouthing those exact words at the exact same time. (00:16:50)

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The Campaign picture

Revealing mistake: When Cam punches the dog, you can tell that the footage was sped up.

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Seeking a Friend for the End of the World picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene when Dodge is knocking at the second house to see if Olivia is home, check out the top left corner of the screen during the shot of Penny sitting in the car - a bird flies by inside the car. The only reasonable explanation is that the visual effects team not only made the bird graphic visible through the window but also in front of the rest of the car. They might have forgotten to bring the car layer in front of the bird layer, causing a bird to be seen flying over top of the entire image. (01:14:00)

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Moonrise Kingdom picture

Revealing mistake: When Sam first sets off in the canoe, it is obviously being towed because it leaves a moderate wake even though he is barely paddling.

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Ted picture

Revealing mistake: In the flashback of four years ago to the night that John met Lori, when he accidentally pushes her to the floor, it is a dummy that hits the floor.

Liam D
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This Means War picture

Revealing mistake: When FDR jumps in the Beetle to help Lauren you can see it's a stunt making the jump - his hair is darker.

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The Three Stooges picture

Revealing mistake: When the arrow Larry shot into the sky comes back down, it pierces Mac's thigh and into a thick pad which can be seen under his pants.

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Cockneys vs Zombies picture

Revealing mistake: When Ray reminisces about having fought the Germans in WW2, a flashback is shown with him fighting in a bunker. He is carrying a No.4 Lee-Enfield rifle which requires the bolt to be worked after every shot to reload. However, he is shown firing two shots in rapid succession without moving his hands at all, revealing the shots to just be flashes added after filming.

Andrew Upton
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