Best animated movie mistake pictures of 2012

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Continuity mistake: After Ralph destroys the cake and it goes all over the place, we cut to a wide shot. In this shot, to Gene's right, there is a small amount of cake on the floor. In the following shot, the amount of cake has doubled. Also after Ralph destroys the cake Mary is holding the people that were on top of the cake even though Ralph just destroyed them. (00:13:10)

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Wreck-It Ralph mistake picture
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Continuity mistake: As the crowd of people in the park begin to leave, in the wide angle shot, watch the background behind Dex. There is a large quantity of red flowers, a building to the left of shot in the far background and a forest further back than the flowers and the building. The shot cuts to Dex saying "The real secret is that I am scared out of my mind Dan" and the entire background changes. There are now trees that have suddenly appeared behind Dex in the background, the red flowers are now way further back than in the previous shot and a building has suddenly appeared on the right hand side of the shot, while the building to the left of shot shown in the previous angle has moved to another part of the park, as shown when Dan tells him he can do it with him to help him. (00:04:35)

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Foodfight! mistake picture
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Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, before the Guardians leave, Jamie rushes over to hug Jack. In the first shot, the top of his head nearly reaches Jack's ribcage. However, in the following close-up shot, Jamie is almost at the same height as Jack's shoulders. (01:27:30)

Rise of the Guardians mistake picture
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