Best animated movie continuity mistakes of 2012

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Wreck-It Ralph picture

Continuity mistake: When Ralph sticks Sour Bill to a candy tree, the branch is directly under Sour Bill, but when Vanellope has become a princess later on, the branch is now facing Sour Bill's right. (01:13:00 - 01:28:15)

Casual Person
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The Lorax picture

Continuity mistake: When the Once-ler is drifting down the river in his bed, he puts his foot in the water, which makes the bed turn. When he puts his foot back onto the bed, it is dry and so is the bed sheet.

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Brave picture

Continuity mistake: When Merida is climbing the rock to drink from the waterfall the rock is several meters away from the waterfall, but a few shots later it is centimeters away.

boss of epicness
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Foodfight! pictureFoodfight! mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Dex is being interviewed in the park, he is holding the basket of baby kittens that he rescued. He is never shown handing the basket to anybody else, but just seconds later, as everyone leaves and Dan arrives in the scene, the basket of baby kittens has suddenly vanished. (00:04:30)

Casual Person
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Hotel Transylvania picture

Continuity mistake: When Dracula and his architect are going through blueprints of the hotel, Dracula is seen with a coffee in his hand. Mavis spits from the ceiling and it drops down to the table where the blueprints are. When they scan up to Mavis he has coffee, when they scan back to Dracula and his architect there is no coffee in his hand.

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Ice Age 4: Continental Drift picture

Continuity mistake: When Scrat arrives at Scratlantis, it is shown that the acorn-shaped island is formed by 3 land masses lined up. However, when Scrat causes the island to sink, a full solid acorn-shaped island is shown sinking. (01:17:00 - 01:18:50)

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Frankenweenie picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Victor's mother is looking at his chalkboard in the attic, Victor's drawing of Sparky has the word "Alive" above it. Later on in the film, when Toshiaki, Edgar, Bob, Nassor and Weird Girl go into the attic, the word "Alive" is missing from above the drawing of Sparky.

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Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted picture

Continuity mistake: When Alex wakes up after having his nightmare about everyone becoming elderly, his eyes are blue. In the next shot, his eyes are green. (00:01:55)

Casual Person
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Rise of the Guardians pictureRise of the Guardians mistake picture

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, before the Guardians leave, Jamie rushes over to hug Jack. In the first shot, the top of his head nearly reaches Jack's ribcage. However, in the following close-up shot, Jamie is almost at the same height as Jack's shoulders. (01:27:30)

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Paperman picture

Continuity mistake: When the form falls onto the girl's face, the position of the form changes between shots. (00:00:35)

Casual Person
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The Pirates! Band of Misfits picture

Continuity mistake: On "Ham Nite" The Pirate Captain starts doing his dance with a slice of ham on his sword. But by the time he does the splits, the slice of ham is no longer on his sword, but now on his plate. (00:03:50)

Casual Person
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The Snowman and the Snowdog picture

Continuity mistake: When the boy is shoveling all of the snow, he leaves foot prints from when he walked out the door. But in the shot just before he notices most of the snow has gone, all the foot prints have disappeared.

Casual Person
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